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Comedy Review: Adam Rowe, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

It is Undeniable that Adam Rowe is a star in the making, as evidenced by a night of thoroughly enjoyable stand-up comedy.

Comedy Review: Roy Chubby Brown, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

If you're completely open-minded when it comes to stand-up comedy, then this is a hilarious night of entertainment, and your funny bone will be overworked.

Comedy Review: Tim Key: Megadate, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Summing this one up, I would suggest checking out Tim Key the next time that he visits your town.

Comedy Review: My Dad Wrote A Porno, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The live version of My Dad Wrote A Porno is naughty, fun and surreal, a sign of how sex will always sell. Even if it's triggered simply by Belinda blinking.

Comedy Review: Mark Thomas – Showtime From The Frontline, Playhouse Theatre,...

Mark Thomas could well give light to a new breed and new race of satirical talents. Something this world needs, especially for those without a voice.

Comedy Review: An Audience With Stan Boardman, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Stan Boardman was one of the most popular stand-up comedians from the 1970s and 1980s, generally considering something of a peak period for stand-up comedy.

Comedy Review: Carl Hutchinson – The Fixer, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Far removed from the reliably pious London-centric comedians dominating comedy, Carl Hutchinson provided real Northern humour, unpretentious & uninhibited.

Comedy Review: Russell Howard – Round The World, Echo Arena, Liverpool

Russell Howard is once again touring the UK comedy circuit, and has brought his new Round The World show to Liverpool's Echo Arena.

Comedy Review: Is That Chris Ramsey?, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

A fantastic evening of comedy entertainment, as both Chris Ramsey and Carl Hutchinson delivered hilarity that will live long in the memory.