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Comedy Review: Adam Rowe, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

It is Undeniable that Adam Rowe is a star in the making, as evidenced by a night of thoroughly enjoyable stand-up comedy.

Theatre Interview: Kim Woodburn – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfes,...

Kim Woodburn: "I think Snow White is going to be a great panto!"

Theatre Interview: Derek Acorah – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfes,...

Derek Acorah: "Snow White is a wonderful, wonderful pantomime."

Theatre Review: Brothers Beyond, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Brothers Beyond was a night for former casts of Joseph to gather together, showcase their talents and share their appreciation for each other.

Theatre Review: From The Heart Of Everton’s Badge To The Grand...

A Grand Old Lady should definitely bring a smile to the faces of all Evertonians who come to see it, and so I recommend it for any fans of the Toffees.

Theatre Review: Pinnochio: The Boy Within, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Overall, Pinnochio: The Boy Within it was a strong effort by a developing and talented crew.

Music Review: Gary Murphy’s Guitar Legends, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

You could say they had it all! A brilliant night all-round.

Theatre Review: St. Francis De Sales Catholic Junior School Summer Concert,...

This was a wonderful evening with future stars in the making.

Music Review: Jive Talkin’ Perform The Bee Gees, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Jive Talkin' was a performance which the whole audience enjoyed and one I would watch again.