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Theatre Review: Blood Runs Deep, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Overall, my overriding feelings towards Blood Runs Deep could be described as being by and large impressed, but frustrated and a little bit dissatisfied.

Theatre Review: Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

The end of Persuasion makes it clear that this is really just the beginning for the happy couple.

Theatre Review: Helen Forrester’s By The Waters Of Liverpool, Empire Theatre,...

There was a lot to like about By The Waters Of Liverpool, but its flaws made the show feel like a missed opportunity.

Theatre Review: The Lovely Bones, Everyman Theatre, Liverpool

The Lovely Bones was hugely energetic, moving at pace with excellent performances from the whole cast.

Theatre Review: Meek, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

The director of Meek, Amy Hodge, sets a fast pace in this Greek-style tragedy where neither men or women come out blameless.

Theatre Review: Bouncers, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

All four actors worked very hard and put on a tremendous performance in what was a fantastic show. Bouncers is a must-watch!

Theatre Review: From The Heart Of Everton’s Badge To The Grand...

A Grand Old Lady should definitely bring a smile to the faces of all Evertonians who come to see it, and so I recommend it for any fans of the Toffees.

Theatre Review: The Ruby Slippers, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

I really enjoyed The Ruby Slippers - it is a perfect show for Pride - and I am certain that you will too.

Theatre Review: Pinnochio: The Boy Within, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Overall, Pinnochio: The Boy Within it was a strong effort by a developing and talented crew.

Theatre Review: Mam I’m ‘Ere!, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Mam I'm 'Ere! was a great night out, especially if you enjoy 70s disco music.