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Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, January 29 2019

This was a fun episode of SmackDown, and a good way to end a streak of four major nights of WWE action in the Desert State.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, January 8 2019

This was an excellent episode of SmackDown, the best in a while.

DVD Review: WWE Capitol Punishment 2011

Capitol Punishment 2011 isn’t the complete flop that people would have you believe, but it’s hardly a superb event either.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, September 25 2018

While it wasn't crammed with classic content, this was definitely another fun episode of SmackDown.

DVD Review: WWE Survivor Series 2011

Survivor Series 2011 is a memorable card and one that justifies a second home viewing.

Wrestling Review: WWE SmackDown, September 4 2018

Written By: Mark Armstrong (Read the original version on Pro Wrestling Journal at http://prowrestlingjournal.com/index.php/2018/09/05/wwe-smackdown-review-analysis-09-04-2018/.) Hell In A Cell is less than two weeks away, though all of...

DVD Review: WWE Vengeance 2011

The ring implosion and the main event are worth checking out, but otherwise Vengeance 2011 ultimately proves to be just another PPV.

DVD Review: WWE Hell In A Cell 2011

There aren’t any really good bouts at all at Hell In A Cell 2011, and neither of the championship rivalries warranted the huge cage.

DVD Review: WWE Night Of Champions 2011

As a fairly memorable event with some strong action, Night Of Champions 2011 is worth another viewing on DVD.

DVD Review: WWE Live In The UK: November 2011

This is not an essential purchase by any means, but there's enough action and some intriguing feuds in development that you should find this to be one of the better Live In The UK sets.