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DVD Review: WWE TLC 2011

With several enjoyable matches and a fair amount of unpredictability, TLC 2011 is well worth reliving on DVD (unless you’re a John Cena fan).

DVD Review: WWE Survivor Series 2011

Survivor Series 2011 is a memorable card and one that justifies a second home viewing.

DVD Review: WWE Vengeance 2011

The ring implosion and the main event are worth checking out, but otherwise Vengeance 2011 ultimately proves to be just another PPV.

DVD Review: WWE Hell In A Cell 2011

There aren’t any really good bouts at all at Hell In A Cell 2011, and neither of the championship rivalries warranted the huge cage.

DVD Review: WWE Night Of Champions 2011

As a fairly memorable event with some strong action, Night Of Champions 2011 is worth another viewing on DVD.

DVD Review: WWE SummerSlam 2011

SummerSlam 2011 is a high-quality event overall, and is one of the hidden gems from the event’s legacy down the years.

DVD Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2012

Royal Rumble 2012 is a somewhat underwhelming card, especially given the high stakes of this annual tradition. So, while you’ll definitely find some moments to enjoy from watching the show, I wouldn’t suggest that you should go out of your way to see it.

DVD Review: WWE Elimination Chamber 2012

Elimination Chamber 2012 is not poor from an in-ring standpoint, for the three major matches anyway. But if you chose to skip it/not watch it, you’re not really missing anything.

DVD Review: WWE Extreme Rules 2012

The finish of the last match aside, Extreme Rules 2012 is a great show on the whole, and is well worth checking out on DVD.

DVD Review: WWE Over The Limit 2012

Ignoring the main event, Over The Limit 2012 is really good, and Punk-Bryan is a must-watch. Cena-Laurinaitis drags things down, though, meaning that by watching this DVD, you will see the very best and the very worst of WWE from that era.