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Theatre Review: Scouse Cinderella, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

If you're looking for something different, yet still very funny, then Scouse Cinderella is the show that you have to see this Christmas.

Theatre Review: Liverpool Royal Court 80th Birthday Bash, Royal Court Theatre,...

The Royal Court Theatre put on a highly entertaining and unforgettable 80th Birthday Bash.

Theatre Review: Bouncers, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

All four actors worked very hard and put on a tremendous performance in what was a fantastic show. Bouncers is a must-watch!

Theatre Review: The Ruby Slippers, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

I really enjoyed The Ruby Slippers - it is a perfect show for Pride - and I am certain that you will too.

Theatre Review: Mam I’m ‘Ere!, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Mam I'm 'Ere! was a great night out, especially if you enjoy 70s disco music.

Theatre Review: The Miracle Of Great Homer Street, Royal Court Theatre,...

Overall, The Miracle Of Great Homer Street is a fine show, and a timely one with the 2018 World Cup about to begin. Just try not to concoct any similar schemes ahead of this year's major football extravaganza, because chances are that it won't succeed!

Theatre Review: Liver Birds Flying Home, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Liver Birds Flying Home is the theatrical revival of the story of two Scouse “dolly birds”. It continues the story of their 1970’s friendship, and life thereafter.

Theatre Review: Council Depot Blues, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Council Depot Blues is a very enjoyable, entertaining night out. I would definitely recommend you going along to see it, and it's the sort of show that will have you coming away with a smile on your face.

Theatre Review: Her Benny, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Her Benny may not be to everybody's tastes, but for those who do enjoy productions such as this, you will come away feeling that you have watched a very special show.

Theatre Review: Brick Up 2 – The Wrath Of Ann Twacky,...

It may not be to everybody's tastes, but assuming that you enjoy local humour and are not opposed to the frequent sexual innuendos, Brick Up 2 is a very funny show and one that measures up to the standard of the previous Brick Up production.