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Theatre Review: Nativity: The Musical, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Whether you've seen the film or not, Nativity: The Musical is an absolute treat and a joy to watch.

Theatre Review: The Habit Of Art, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

All of the performances from the actors show that they are in love with The Habit Of Art.

Theatre Review: Rock Of Ages, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Overall, Rock Of Ages is a brilliant, uplifting show. It rocked our world, people!

Theatre Review: All You Need Is LSD, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

I can definitely say that if you do go to see All You Need Is LSD, it's an experience that you won't soon forget.

Theatre Review: Blood Runs Deep, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Overall, my overriding feelings towards Blood Runs Deep could be described as being by and large impressed, but frustrated and a little bit dissatisfied.

Theatre Review: Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool

The end of Persuasion makes it clear that this is really just the beginning for the happy couple.

Theatre Review: Liverpool Royal Court 80th Birthday Bash, Royal Court Theatre,...

The Royal Court Theatre put on a highly entertaining and unforgettable 80th Birthday Bash.

Theatre Review: Helen Forrester’s By The Waters Of Liverpool, Empire Theatre,...

There was a lot to like about By The Waters Of Liverpool, but its flaws made the show feel like a missed opportunity.

Theatre Review: Brothers Beyond, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Brothers Beyond was a night for former casts of Joseph to gather together, showcase their talents and share their appreciation for each other.

Theatre Review: Psychic Sally, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Is Sally psychic? That I cannot say. Is Sally gifted? Well, she is certainly a very talented business-woman.