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Theatre Review: Beauty And The Beast, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Unity's version of Beauty And The Beast is more than adequate, and it will give you a different experience from other festive shows that are being held.

Theatre Review: All You Need Is LSD, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

I can definitely say that if you do go to see All You Need Is LSD, it's an experience that you won't soon forget.

Theatre Review: Blood Runs Deep, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Overall, my overriding feelings towards Blood Runs Deep could be described as being by and large impressed, but frustrated and a little bit dissatisfied.

Theatre Review: Growing Older (Dis)Gracefully Dance: Coming Of Age, Unity Theatre,...

Their love of dance was clear from the start, and these ladies are not in it for the publicity, or wanting to get further with it; they are clearly there for their love of dance, and the friends that they have made from the group.

Theatre Review: Assassins, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Assassins is clever, funny, and the band do well to carry each story along. This is a show that will have you both tapping your feet and holding your breath.

Theatre Review: Posh, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

I did enjoy the play, but found myself still questioning the storyline when I left. I would recommend this show to anyone who would like an insight into the world of the upper class and Oxford University.

Theatre Review: The Leftovers, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

The Leftovers is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while, and I wish the company the best of luck with it!

Theatre Review: Siren, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Siren is an excellent idea and a real must-see for anyone looking for something that doesn’t follow the current.

Theatre Review: Cornermen, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Cornermen is a very well-performed, carefully-written, fast-paced and thought-provoking piece on one of the country's most popular sports. Those who have personally experienced the highs and lows that are emphasised in the show will find this production particularly engaging.

Theatre Preview: Cornermen, Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Cornermen, the hit show by Oli Forsyth and award-winning new writing company Smoke & Oakum Theatre, arrives in Liverpool on March 13 as part of its national tour. This high-octane, knockout of a story marks the company’s first tour and follows on from the huge success of Happy Dave and Kings.