Business News: An Introduction To The Safety Educational Trust

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: The Safety Educational Trust

The Safety Educational Trust is a not-for-profit enterprise which officially launches on April 7 2015. The Trust will work closely with a team of highly qualified and experienced professional colleagues to deliver essential, competitively priced (bespoke) training on safety, health, welfare and wellbeing issues, using excellent resources at easily-accessible venues to provide best value for your company or organisation. Once launched, a comprehensive range of workshops and courses will commence for enterprises that need and want cost-effective, relevant, readily available and easily accessible training. It aims to support the needs of social enterprises, Chambers of Commerce members, charities, small to medium-sized business enterprises (SMEs) and business start-ups in becoming and remaining compliant with current legislation.

As managers and directors of businesses, especially SMEs, you may sometimes overlook health and safety duties due to an understandable focus on delivering your products and services and concentrating on other areas of your organisation. However, it is vital that these duties are properly addressed; a failure to do so not only impacts on the reputation of the organisation and the safety of employees, but it can also lead to financial catastrophe in the event of an accident in the workplace. When investigations into such incidents are carried out and in subsequent prosecutions or litigation, the first question that will be asked is: “Was your employee properly trained in health and safety for this job?”

Research says that people in the workplace today value optimum safety, good health, a feeling of being valued, a sense of belonging and a chance to get involved. Clearly a workforce that is given the benefit of the information, instruction and training to which they are entitled will be a safer, healthier, happier and more productive workforce.  Commencing April 7, the schedule for training will be as follows:

Monday: Facilitated online courses

Tuesday: Health and Safety Induction Day

Wednesday: Managing Safety Day (fortnightly)
                Risk Profiling, Assessment and Management (fortnightly)
                 Facilitated online courses (early morning)

Thursday: Personal Safety Workshop (fortnightly)
              Conflict Management Workshop (fortnightly)
              Facilitated online courses (afternoon / evening)

Friday: Workplace Resilience (fortnightly)
           Managing Workplace Stress (fortnightly)

Saturday: Facilitated online courses

The Trust’s rolling programme of certificated courses will be delivered by accredited tutors to meet the needs of managers, core staff and new starters to ensure your compliance within current legislation. As noted above, facilitated online sessions are available for the ‘time pressed’ which can also be taken at weekends, early mornings or during the evening to suit the needs of your business and shift workers.

Full details of all of the training that the Trust offers can be found online at

To contact the Trust or to enquire about an upcoming course/event, you can call 0151 665 0009 or email