Business News: Yet Another Week Of Stress?


Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: The Safety Educational Trust

The following story is courtesy of The Safety Educational Trust …

Hello from the Trust!

“We see the world of work changing fast. Everything has to be ‘agile’, everything has to be ‘lean’ and it all has to be right 24-7, 365 days a year.  It’s increasingly competitive and uncompromising”. This is a quote by Jan Chmiel, Chief Executive of IOSH.

We all understand that having healthy, motivated people in business improves results, and we believe that investing in good safety and health improves business reliance and reputation. Safety and health is seen as an integral part of running a well-managed business.

Conflict and work-related stress are major issues in many organisations today but equally important are safety and health management, risk management and statutory compliance. We offer the highest quality short courses and workshops dealing with these important issues at the right time, the right cost and at easily accessible venues.

From April, with the support of our associates, we will deliver courses and workshops which will enable you and your people the opportunity to create and sustain a safe and healthy workplace where the welfare and wellbeing of all is taken seriously. The courses and workshops will be delivered at our fee of £40.00 per delegate; see website for full details and our special introductory offers.

The next workshops are:

Get SET for Managing Workplace Stress (Thursday April 9; 09.30-13.00)

Get SET with Workplace Resilience (Friday April 17; 09.30-13.00)

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