Business News: Music Joystick Software Level 1 Now Available, Active Music Joystick

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: Active Music Joystick

Music Joystick Software Level 1 is currently available from Active Music Joystick.

There are five levels of software, each with varying levels of features and detail aimed at the skill set and musical knowledge of the user.

Level 1 is a beginner’s package, primarily aimed at young children and is designed to give them a basic introduction on how to use the joystick to create music.

Music Joystick Software Level 1 is easily installed via a CD, and the software has the same features whether it is used on a desktop PC, a laptop or on an Apple Mac.

The purpose of the software is to allow users to use the Active Music Joysticks to control musical sounds, which for the Level 1 package consist of sine waves.

It allows users via the joysticks to make decisions which other instruments cannot do, such as adjusting pitch, managing volume and switching between notes, in the same manner of a musical keyboard or a piano (A-G notes)

The joysticks connect via a USB cable, and both the Thrustmaster and MADCATZ joysticks can be used for this beginner’s level of AMJ software.

The joysticks have similar button and toggle stick features to your typical videogame control pads, except that in this case the primary functions of the joysticks are to control musical audio.

They also include a reset button so that you can start afresh, should you choose to do so, and a slide stick which allows you to create a “high-to-low” effect with the music; in addition, you can press multiple buttons to create tunes which have more than one note or pitch audible at specific points.

The Level 1 software is a perfect starting point for those interested in controlling and creating music, as well as for young children who want to understand the difference between musical sounds and the range available by making minor adjustments to the pitch and note.

Through practice and understanding, one can quickly begin to create unique tunes or even existing forms of music, such as nursery rhymes or national anthems.

The software and associated joysticks are currently exclusive to the UK market, but they can be installed and used on computers anywhere in the world, making them a unique commodity if you are, say, based in the United States or in China.

Music Joystick Software Level 1 is currently available for £20.00 at; here, you can also purchase the Thrustmaster and MADCATZ joysticks for £32.00 each.

To find out more about Active Music Joystick or to purchase any of the products, you can get in touch by calling 0151 280 1080 or by emailing