Business News: New Level 4 Software From Active Music Joystick Boasts Enhanced Features And Depth

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: Active Music Joystick

Music Joystick Software Level 4 is now available from Active Music Joystick.

The fourth model builds upon the features of the first three levels and adds much more control and depth, serving as an open live sample processor and composer of music.

This programme contains 10 units of Ircam France objects, with five available in runtime within the main setting, whilst unit ten can only be used with the addition of a music box, and the remaining units can only be used with full programming.

These are the full details of the units:

Unit 1 shows the fundamentals of wave-processing, including loop and range settings (two sliders control these), sample rate haus-position (choose 0.5 for ½ rates with a low octave, 1 for a normal rate, -1 for a reverse rate and 2 for a double rate with a high octave); eight changes from the starting point; two regulations for the volume (which can be managed by both sliders and the main joystick); a selection of .aiff numbers along with a confirmation button that includes page changes; and a trigger play option with a reset button.

Unit 2 includes some motion changes, such as ten presets for MDSR curves. These are controlled by set-domain time frames, with X1 representing the duration of sound.

Unit 3 has filters and opens an extra page which boasts a cool Ircam visualisation of the frequency-with-gain system, and it has the option to add volume to lift the fundamental mains up. The particular stand-out aspect of Unit 3 is that you can use the right joystick to do all of the filtering manually as it is audio- and visual-controlled (the fourth model of software requires two joysticks for use on all units). In addition, there are 40 automatic ejies developments within the three parameters, where you can just find a number and play it.

Unit 4 has reverberation; you can open this unit by turning it on with a slight movement of the left slide, and from there you can decide the eight parameters.

Unit 5 involves transposing, as it gives you the option to transpose within the eight steps, and sounds can follow these changes of transposition.

Units 6-9 can only be used if you have access to the music box codes from Ircam, as these are of the highest quality and are DJ-compatible. You can look on Ircam’s official website at for more information on how to access these codes.

Unit 10 plays the samples in the same manner that they would be played in the first model of AMJ software; consider Unit 10 to be the basic setting to play tunes in model 1.

Music Joystick Software Level 4 is available for £20.00 at, and you can also purchase the Thrustmaster and MADCATZ joysticks here for £32.00 each.

To find out more about Active Music Joystick or to purchase any of the products, you can get in touch by calling 0151 280 1080 or by emailing