DVD Preview: History Of The Hardcore Championship 24-7 – WWE

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Written By: Mark Armstrong

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After its inception in 1998, the WWE Hardcore Championship was sought after by some of WWE’s toughest and most unpredictable competitors. From deranged champions like Mankind, Raven and Al Snow to fighting champions like Rob Van Dam, Undertaker, Tommy Dreamer and Hardcore Holly, to unsung heroes like “The Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman and Crash Holly, this set takes a comprehensive look at the greatest WWE Hardcore Championship matches in history. It’s unpredictable, it’s wild, it’s HARDCORE!


Match Highlights:

Raw – November 9 1998
Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – February 14 1999
Al Snow vs. Bob Holly

SummerSlam 1999 – August 22 1999
Big Boss Man vs. Al Snow

SmackDown – March 2 2000
Crash Holly vs. Tazz

SummerSlam 2000 – August 27 2000
Shane McMahon vs. Steve Blackman

WrestleMania X-Seven – April 1 2001
Triple Threat Match
Raven vs. Kane vs. Big Show

Vengeance 2001 – December 9 2001
Rob Van Dam vs. Undertaker

Raw – August 5 2002
Tommy Dreamer vs. Bradshaw

We like it because:

The Hardcore division was one of the most popular parts of the Attitude Era and remains a fan favourite to this day. And you won’t see action quite like this anywhere else – chairs, tables, dustbins, mannequin heads, and even the kitchen sink have all been used in these brutal (and often hilarious) battles.

It’s also great to relive the 24/7 rule, which meant the Hardcore Championship could be challenged for and won at any time, leading to a whole host of sneak attacks, surprise roll-ups, and surprising champions – it’s WWE at its most wacky and unpredictable!

Most exciting of all though is seeing some of the great stars who made the Hardcore division so memorable, with the likes of Crash Holly, Al Snow, Steve Blackman, and Raven fighting to take things to the next bone-crunching level and be crowned the king of hardcore!

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