Business News: March 2017 News Updates From Active Music Joystick

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: Active Music Joystick

There’s plenty going on with Active Music Joystick right now, and so we thought we’d let everybody know about the latest news at AMJ.

New Duja instrument

Active Music Joystick have launched their brand new Duja joystick.

This new joystick, the third available from AMJ following the Thrustmaster and MADCATZ joysticks, is a unique singing instrument which can be used in connection with the various levels of AMJ software, along with providing some intriguing, exclusive new features.

They include the utilising of the special and simple sine wave audio, created within the computer upon connection with the AMJ software; providing an extensive understanding of scales (in particular, the harmonic scale), as well as an understanding of and opportunity to practice with playing specific notes in time; focusing on pitches as frequency numbers, either in steps or free changes as bands and theremin; understanding and playing the different characters available for colour and wave structures; experimenting with musical phrases; and developing knowledge and experience with utilising articulation within music.

The Duja instrument provides new elements of music control and education, and when used alongside the AMJ software, you can really develop your understanding of music creation in a great many forms.

You can find out more about the new Duja instrument at

AMJ catalogue now available

Active Music Joystick have produced a full-colour catalogue containing all of its products.

This catalogue is easily accessible, and provides extensive information on all of the AMJ products to date.

They include the original Thrustmaster and MADCATZ joysticks and all six levels of Active Music Joystick computer software. This includes the physical features, benefits and, in the case of the software levels, the enhancements made based on the progression and increased musical knowledge and experience of the user.

The catalogue also covers the recently-released audio games, which are Crosby, Reality and Audi, along with their standout features. This includes full-colour images throughout, and it can be accessed online and downloaded as a PDF file, or it can be requested in print form.

The catalogue is an ideal tool when determining which AMJ joysticks, software packages and audio games are right for you based on your level of music creation expertise. It is also particularly handy when attending music events and exhibitions alongside industry insiders. All of the products contained within the catalogue are available on our website, as well as Amazon.

To download the AMJ catalogue and for a sneak preview of the publication, you can visit

AMJ to attend Musikmesse 2017 trade fair

Active Music Joystick, led by Reinhard Fuchs, will be on hand at the annual Musikmesse trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany this April.

Musikmesse is an annual event, and it is amongst the world’s most important international trade fairs for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing.

Active Music Joystick will be in attendance at this prestigious event, and Reinhard will be present on behalf of AMJ at stand 9.0 C49, showcasing the entire range of AMJ products as well as providing useful advice and handy hints about how best to utilise the range of joysticks, software and audio games.

Musikmesse 2017 runs from Wednesday April 5 to Saturday April 8, from 10.00-18.00, and it takes place at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage, 1 D – 60327, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

For more information about Musikmesse 2017, visit

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