Business News: Radwraps Discuss Energy Innovation With Councillor James Noakes

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: Radwraps

Radwraps recently had the opportunity to meet with Councillor James Noakes, Mayoral Lead for Energy & Smart Cities in Liverpool.

James Maddocks, director at Radwraps, and Cllr Noakes discussed how Radwraps and the Smart City project are both providing energy benefits, and how the two can work more closely together in the future.

The Radwraps radiator covers can improve radiator efficiency by up to 118%, saving energy and thus reducing energy bills. The Birkdale-based business recently expanded into the Benelux region and, in particular, the Netherlands, and they are currently planning to bring their products to the German market.

Radwraps are currently working with Liverpool John Moores University with their latest project LCR 4.0 conducting additional tests to further identify the benefits of Radwraps covers in home environments and specific conditions.

Cllr Noakes’ involvement in the Smart City project is crucial as it pertains to making Liverpool the first Smart City in the United Kingdom based on interactivity, behavioural change and low carbon technology. Amongst the developments so far include general detector sensors, solar panels in areas of social housing, and a new not-for-profit energy company launched by Noakes, Leccy, which is providing energy advice, low price energy and smart meters with consent to monitor energy use and to reduce energy bills.

These points and others were the basis for this discussion between Radwraps and Cllr Noakes, as the two parties exchanged their thoughts with regards to potential opportunities in the years to come. Cllr Noakes will be helping Radwraps to increase awareness, particularly amongst housing associations who would greatly benefit from collaborating with Radwraps in the future.

James Maddocks commented on his meeting with Cllr Noakes: “It was great to speak to James and find out some of the latest news regarding the Liverpool City Region. It really is an exciting time as Liverpool aims to become the first Smart City in the UK. James’ involvement will be key to this, and we want to play an integral role based on how our Radwraps radiator covers boost energy efficiency and reduce heat consumption.”

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