Theatre Review: Flashdance, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Image Source: ATG

Written By: Alison Jones

Format: Musical
Genre: Romantic Drama
Date: October 16 2017
Location: Liverpool Empire Theatre

Well, the audience that first appreciated Flashdance are probably a bit long in the tooth for leotards and legwarmers these days, but we were transported back to the early 80’s without too much of a problem. I even sighed for my permed hair (maybe not …)!

This performance didn’t have a slow-burn start; we were straight into an energetic music and dance number – Flashdance … What A Feeling, and off we went!

The story of Alex Owens, played by Joanne Clifton, was central to the show, and her daytime job as a welder and by evening a dancer in Harry’s club; however, her real dream was to become a ballet dancer. Joanne’s performance was outstanding, with powerful singing and dance moves which highlighted her Strictly Come Dancing champion credentials. Leading man Ben Adams played Nick Hurley, the new boss at Hurley’s Engineering, very successfully with crystal-clear vocals and a very convincing American accent!

The supporting cast backed it all up magnificently. The side story held its own, with great performances from Hollie-Ann Lowe as vulnerable dancer Gloria trying to become a video star, enticed away from the safety of Harry’s bar by the sinister CC, played by Matt Concannon. Amazing dancing performed by the other cast members made it difficult to single anyone out for a special mention, as they were all so professional and entertaining with lifts, backflips and moves that would leave the Strictly judges open-mouthed – as we were that evening.

Superb lighting effects, no over-acting and brilliant singing made for a great show. Everything comes good in the second half, and by the reprise at the end of the show, everyone had jumped to their feet clapping and singing along to all the classics Maniac, Gloria and What a Feeling. Pure energy and very joyful. I might have to get my off-the-shoulder sweat top out!

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good