Music Review: The Bowie Experience, Empire Theatre, Liverpool
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Written By: Alison Jones

Format: Music Show
Genre: Music
Date: March 1 2018
Location: Empire Theatre, Liverpool

It’s always difficult with tribute bands and artists, how faithfully they reflect the original act or whether they ‘make it their own’ as Louis Walsh would say. When it’s an icon like David Bowie, I think the audience want to see the classic, real Mccoy – or as near as you can get it.

The Bowie Experience didn’t disappoint. Opening with Space Oddity which wasn’t saved for the encore, we were taken on a tour of Bowie’s changing styles and personas with at least five costume changes. The one constant, however, was the quality of the music. The supporting seven musicians were supremely talented with an outstanding performance by Tim Wedlake on lead guitar. It’s hard to single anyone out, though, because they were all so good and kept things moving through the variety of wardrobe transformations.

The variety of songs chosen appealed to the more vintage fan as well as younger members of the audience and each one was appreciated, even the lesser-known numbers. Enthusiastic applause was given from the very start and by the second half, a good number of the audience were on their feet dancing, especially to faster tunes like John I’m Only Dancing, Let’s Dance and Suffragette City.

It really was the most authentic tribute to David Bowie, and Laurence Knight is amazing, bringing David’s spirit to life with recognisable costumes and dance moves that brought back memories of where you were in your life at each stage of the show; he was entirely worthy of the standing ovation at the end of the show.

My only criticism might be the backdrop, which was sometimes quite distracting and very often totally incongruous to the song being performed. From black and white old-style movies to psychedelic patterns and arty collapsing buildings, I wondered why there couldn’t be any footage of the man himself, or at least something more in tune with the performance?

On the whole though, it was a really enjoyable concert, and an unforgettable journey through the Sound and Vision of Bowie’s Golden Years.

Overall Rating: 7/10 – Respectable