DVD Preview: Randy Savage Unreleased: The Unseen Matches Of The Macho Man – WWE

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Written By: Mark Armstrong

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A collection of rare, unseen and never-before-released matches from one of the most colourful and unique characters in the history of sports-entertainment – Macho Man Randy Savage! Includes matches against other legends such as Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker!

Match Highlights:

January 5 1987
Macho Man Randy Savage & Honky Tonk Man vs. Hulk Hogan & Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

May 15 1987
WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

September 24, 1988
WWF Championship Steel Cage Match
Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

April 23 1989
WWF Championship Match
Hulk Hogan (Champion) vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

July 17 1990
Mixed Tag Team Match
Macho King Randy Savage & Sensational Queen Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire

July 21 1992
Macho Man Randy Savage & The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair & The Berzerker

March 28 1993
Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Yokozuna

May 27 1995
WCW United States Championship Tournament Match
Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Stunning Steve Austin

December 22 1997
Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Lex Luger

Plus much more!

We like it because:

The Macho Man is one of those most innovative Superstars ever, with countless classic matches in both WWE and WCW. This collection opens up the vault for a whole new batch of rare and never-before-seen classics!

Most fascinating are matches against some of Randy Savage’s most infamous opponents – such as Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, and The Ultimate Warrior – “alternative” versions of Savage’s history-making WrestleMania bouts!

Longtime fans will love the backstage insights into the man himself, and stories behind his legendary feuds. And for newer fans, this three-disc set is the perfect introduction to one of the most important, endlessly charismatic figures in the history of sports-entertainment!

Don’t miss it! Ooooh yeah!

Randy Savage Unreleased: The Unseen Matches Of The Macho Man will officially be released on DVD on Monday May 28 2018.

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