Fashion Opinion: One Brand – His & Hers’ 5 Summer Fashion Essentials

Image Source: BooHoo

Written By: Amy

Nothing says “power-dressing” more than matchy-matchy chic with your other half. We’re going all-inclusive today, as this look book is all about the five summer wardrobe essentials that everyone should own, whilst foregoing current trends (palm leaf flamingo print will not be socially acceptable street attire forever, my friends!).

The White Shirt

This is an all-seasons wardrobe staple, but never does a white shirt look better than against sun blushed skin, whether the sun kiss is from home or away. Fellas can smarten this look up with chinos and boat shoes, or rough it up with denim shorts and boots. Ladies, my favs, imagine this over a bikini, or with slouchy pants to travel in, or buttoned high and belted with a pair of heels for an androgynous but sexy night out look.

Straw Hat

Well, because nobody likes sunstroke or a flaky sunburnt scalp. A straw style can be a classic pick because it wears well only in summer. It’s a trend seen year after year. You can get away with a summer hat anywhere, from the beach to the high street. Extra points if there’s a massive rim on it to hide hungover eyes behind the shadow.

Bum Bag

So the bum bag is back! Personally, it never left for me, but as it goes, this trusted 80’s staple is back with a bang this year. Ideal for carrying round the small essentials that we can’t live without, whether you’re flying or frying, apparently the political correctness of calling a bum bag a bum bag is coming into question this year. I mean, have you seen how it can be worn!?

Denim Shorts

They’re literally the summer equivalent of skinny jeans for us all. The most versatile bottoms anyone could own in the summer, thrown on over a bikini, dressed up with heels, or banged on with a pair of muddy wellies for fezzy season – denim shorts will be your best friend year after year. The only downfall of these is chub rub (but there’s no danger of them blowing up and flashing your arse, so swings and roundabouts).

“Practical” Shoes

I mean, no woman ever wants to discuss practical shoes, but come the summer, I do. I am not for love nor money walking round with sweaty, sore or blistered feet. I want comfort and geek chic to compliment my shellac toes. As for fellas, I’m not a fan of giant hairy toes in sandals, but I don’t like sweaty trainers either, so you can have a classic smart style, and that’s that!

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