Music Review: The Mario Lanza Story, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

              Image Source: Epstein Theatre

Written By: Adam McCreevy

Format: Music Show
Genre: Music
Date: June 3 2018
Location: Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Nostalgia is important to me. When I listen to Mario Lanza, I am reminded of days gone by with grandparents. This weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting and enjoying this all-round family show. The soft mellifluous tones of his voice are a treat. In my opinion, Victor Michael certainly performs some classics with style.

The first act on-stage is Martin Lambert, and he has a wonderful voice. It pulls you into the old showtime circuit feel. I felt as though we travelled back in time to a New York club and enjoyed some music with a personal touch. Although Martin’s humour was not my highlight of the show, it certainly entertained the crowd.

Not to detract from Victor Michael’s performance, but the show has a special moment when you get to hear the amazing voice of Faye Gregory Lambert. I would pay the ticket price again just to hear her voice. It surrounds the room. She mixed classics with singing songs from Evanescence (her favourite band). I can’t stress enough that if you hear the name Faye Gregory Lambert, you must go to watch her, as she set the whole show up.

James Franklin came on stage to a crowd that had been warmed up. He was an excellent clubland singer, with the old tricks appreciated by those looking for an easy day out. I felt that his voice had enough, and I would have preferred to hear some more blues and Motown, but he worked the stage well and brought some fun.

The entirety of the show (and it is a long one) never had a dull moment. From the opening compere, through to the supporting acts, the theatre had a real buzz. I can recommend this as a treat for the family, especially for grandparents wanting to introduce their younger grandchildren to something from the good old days.

I spent my own summers with my grandmother, and every day, she would insert her Mario Lanza tapes into her old player and we would have the most amazing days. The music hummed in the background, so when I got the chance to view this show, it was a must-watch. And I was not disappointed. You won’t be either.

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good