DVD Review: WWE Money In The Bank 2012

Image Source: Amazon

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Running Time: 164 Minutes
Certificate: 12
Number Of Discs: 1
Studio: Clear Vision Ltd/Silver Vision
Released: October 29 2012

Money In The Bank 2011 is remembered as one of the best WWE PPVs of the decade. Money In The Bank 2012 … not so much, though it’s still entertaining enough to warrant a purchase on DVD.

The opening MITB Ladder match is a big reason why: though it’s not a classic, it is a thrilling multi-man stunt show, with eventual winner Dolph Ziggler taking some insane bumps. That the babyfaces announcers highly praised the heel Dolph sinning was bizarre, though fans were more than happy with the outcome (as they were when Ziggler finally cashed in the briefcase on Alberto Del Rio many months later to a ferocious crowd response).

Speaking of Del Rio, he faces Sheamus next in a World Title shot of his own, which is decent but by no means great. The Prime Time Players vs. Epico and Primo is pointless, though it has the hilarious post-match sight of R-Truth holding back the (invisible) Little Jimmy from attaching The PTP.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan is a great brawl for the WWE Championship, though AJ Lee as special guest referee overshadows much of the action. Meanwhile, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks have more offence than you would expect against newcomer Ryback in a 2-on-1 bout (as strange as that reads), and the subsequent six-woman match may as well not be here, which demonstrates how much things have changed for the better over the last six years.

The MITB Ladder match to decide the briefcase for the WWE belt is okay, but it’s the weakest match of this nature yet. The Miz returned earlier in the card to cast doubt over the result, but since John Cena was making his MITB Ladder match debut, the fact that Cena won the briefcase ultimately surprised nobody. Cena would go on to become the first MITB briefcase-holder to lose his cash-in bout eight days later at Raw 1000, albeit under controversial circumstances.

This will inevitably be compared to the Money In The Bank card from a year earlier, and as a result, it comes across as inferior. But the first Ladder match is great, Punk vs. Bryan is very exciting and the headline bout does have its moments. So, while MITB 2012 is barely remembered these days, the show’s major matches are well worth reliving on DVD.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good