Music Review: Genesis Connected, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Image Source: Epstein Theatre

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Format: Music Show
Genre: Music
Date: June 22 2018
Location: Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Genesis Connected brings not only the music of Genesis and Phil Collins, but also Peter Gabriel and Mike & The Mechanics, to life in a fun and vibrant tribute show.

Pete Bultitude leads the group, and he is more than qualified to do so. Having initially caught the public’s eye when appearing as Phil Collins on the ITV show Stars In Their Eyes, reaching the final of the 1999 series, Bultitude has since carved out a thriving career paying tribute to Collins with the formation of Genesis Connected, and it’s easy to see why. Watching and hearing him here, Bultitude is a first-class singer; if you were only listening to this show on the radio, you would almost swear that it was Collins himself, such is the authenticity and the power of his voice. He also proves that he is a multi-talented performer, playing the drums (to a high standard, I might add) for several tunes, as well as occasionally using his tambourine!

Having previously performed at the Epstein last year, and with a return date for July 2019, Genesis Connected treated a very lively audience (Pete noted that this was the wildest crowd they had performed in front of) to a cracking show, featuring all of the big hits associated with the aforementioned classic acts. These included Two Hearts, In The Air Tonight, Solsbury Hill, You Can’t Hurry Love, Sledgehammer and Over My Shoulder. Perhaps the best rendition came early in the show as Bultitude performed the song which had propelled him to fame on Stars In Their Eyes, Against All Odds, which went down a storm. The backing group (consisting of Chris Woods, Lee Spence, Lou Short and Marty Wild) were fantastic, and the colourful lighting alternated between songs to make each part of the show stand out a little more.

A slight downside concerned some members of the audience; it was cool to see the crowd up on their feet dancing, of course, but it seemed like a small minority were trying to make sure that everybody could see them, apparently believing that the band were performing solely to them as opposed to the large crowd within the Epstein. In terms of the show itself, the setting was minimal and authentic costumes were not a major part of the production either. But these points are just nit-picking: the show was all about the musical performances, and they were spectacular.

To conclude, Genesis Connected was a terrific trip down memory lane, and it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this group are the closest you will come to hearing Phil Collins and co. themselves. Genesis Connected will continue to tour the UK, and as mentioned earlier, they will be returning to Liverpool in July of next year; I strongly encourage you to go along and see them, whether you are a fan of Collins or not, because you’ll have a great evening of entertainment.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent