Movie News: Cineworld Speke’s VIP Launch Is A Big Hit!

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Ahead of its official opening tomorrow, Cineworld Speke held an exclusive VIP evening for a limited, and lucky, group of attendees, and we were on hand to see it!

A project that has been several years in the making, Cineworld’s new cinema in Speke is a stunning piece of architecture, mixing the modern design elements popular amongst large-scale complexes with the small touches that make for a more exciting and intimate film viewing experience.

This includes the use of cool LED lighting across the ceilings and along the walls throughout the first floor reception area, the use of several large-scale props relevant to the movie industry (such as a super-sized clapperboard and a life-sized box of popcorn), and screens situated overhead which show previews of upcoming movies.

I personally appreciated the circular balcony which surrounded the upper deck of the building, and was accessible via the reception. It is a nice twist, and a chance for customers to sit and chill prior to the film starting below the scorching sunshine that we have experienced over the past few months, as well as being a nice place to relax once the film is done.

That being said, the reception itself has plenty of room, from those purchasing popcorn and snacks to the adequate toilet facilities to a nifty photo booth for friends and family to get some humorous pics. But the main thing that we have to talk about are the screens themselves.

Almost a dozen rooms boast large-scale screens to showcase all of the best new movies. In addition, Cineworld Speke allows for 3D and IMAX screenings, as well as the Super Screen, the largest in the venue and a truly gigantic way to watch a flick. We have to also mention Screen X, which allows for 270° screenings of movies, which is truly something to behold!

We were able to watch the brand new movie The Meg (which you can read a review for by clicking here), and we did so on Super Screen, The picture quality was second to none, and you could hear every single word and movement at an incredibly high and clear level. In addition, our chairs were made of fine leather material, providing plenty of room as well as air conditioning that kept you cool without feeling the shivers. To top things off, each seat came with free popcorn and a bottle of water, making this quite the treat! Add to that the excellent service provided by all staff, and one left with a very positive impression of the new cinema.

Overall, I felt that Cineworld Speke’s VIP launch was a tremendous success, and it’s expected to become not only a leading cinema for the city of Liverpool, but the North-West as a whole. After the evening that we enjoyed, we would highly recommend all film-lovers to check Cineworld Speke out, beginning with its official opening tomorrow!

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