Business News: Deltec Impact Sockets

Written By: Mark Armstrong

Provided By: Deltec

This article is intended to advise owners and users of square drive hydraulic torque wrenches, how to manage their impact sockets, to avoid risk of damage to equipment or personal injury. Much of the advice however, can also apply to other tools including hand torque wrenches, impact wrenches, nut runners etc.

Impact sockets can and do break, but new ones used correctly virtually never do. The problems start when they aren’t taken care of or used correctly, and the results can be catastrophic. Some breakages are just a split, but these can be dangerous as the tool is likely to fall off the application as a result. The most dangerous failures occur when the socket shatters, sending broken pieces in all directions at a high velocity. In the very worst cases, this kind of failure can be fatal.

We have compiled the following ten recommendations that, if followed, will drastically lower the risk of a catastrophic socket failure:

1) Always use the socket retaining pin and ring to ensure it is fully secured to the torque tool.

2) Never strike the socket, particularly when under pressure.

3) Always ensure that the socket is the correct size and a snug fit on the stud or nut.

4) Never use a standard-depth socket when the stud protrusion does not allow it to fully fit over the nut.

5) Never subject the socket to extreme heat or cold, either during storage, or use.

6) Never modify a socket to suit an application. Go to the professionals to get a special designed and manufactured.

7) Always ensure that the torque tool reaction member is correctly positioned, to ensure the socket sits square on the nut or bolt head.

8) Always inspect your sockets regularly for any signs of wear or damage. Don’t forget to inspect the female square recess as well as the hex.

9) Always replace any sockets showing signs of wear or damage.

10) Never use a socket showing signs of wear or damage

Correctly used and stored impact sockets will give years of safe and reliable service. Following these ten simple rules, will ensure you and your valuable hydraulic torque tools will remain safe and in one piece.

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