Wrestling Review: WWE Main Event, February 14 2019

Image Source: Wrestling Inc

The Valentine’s Day edition of Main Event comes at a time when few WWE fans had little love towards Charlotte Flair, having replaced Becky Lynch to face Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35. While the more knowledgeable fans realise that it’s simply the set-up for an eventual, and even greater, Becky triumph at WM, we have an episode of Main Event to check out.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Ascension

Tucker and Dozovic controlled things early on here at Viktor’s expense, as the thought occurred to me that Konnor and Viktor are proof that Heavy Machinery shouldn’t worry about having their names shortened; then again, given their booking, maybe not. Speaking of which, was Byron Saxton taking a dig at WWE’s creative team on commentary when he highlighted The Ascension’s struggles to put together a sustained winning streak over the past few years? Back in the ring, Konnor tagged in to give his side hope, but HM continued to dominate with their signature moves and taunts, for which the comical effect works … for now, anyway. It’s something different, to be fair. Viktor tagged in and caught Tucker with a knee from the middle rope to swing the momentum, and the heels scored frequent tags from there. But given the focus on the newcomers lately, the outcome was inevitable, especially once Tucker made the hot tag. Heavy Machinery wrapped things up when Tucker pinned Viktor following the Compactor.

For our highlights of Raw (read the full Raw review here), we had the Seth Rollins highlight video, the Seth/Paul Heyman promo battle, and the opening and closing segments involving Charlotte, Becky, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Ronda Rousey and Vince McMahon. Saxton’s narration made it sound like Becky immediately chose to apologise to Hunter and Steph when in reality her dilemma was the focus of the whole show. From SmackDown (read the full SD review here), Charlotte’s own promo and clips from the gauntlet main event book-ended the main event of, erm, Main Event.

Tyler Breeze & The B-Team vs. Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers

After a rundown of the Elimination Chamber card, we had this six-man tag team match. Jinder Mahal’s profile has fallen so far in the 15 months since he lost the WWE Title, to the point where he now appears mainly on Main Event and, in matches like this, his squad aren’t even the favourites to triumph. The Singhs struggled early on, but after a commercial break, they isolated Bo Dallas in the corner (it appeared that a break had been included as an edit, rather than the programme being planned as such). Bo tagged out to Curtis Axel who regained control for their team, but the advantage was lost once Jinder entered the action for the heels. Jinder and co. tagged in and out multiple teams, but none could stop Axel tagging out to Tyler Breeze, who eventually wrapped it up with a Beauty Shot and pin on Samir Singh.

This was an okay episode of Main Event. The opener was more enjoyable than the second bout, mainly due to the charisma and positive crowd response to Heavy Machinery, which bodes well for them in the short-term.