Wrestling Review: WWE Main Event, February 21 2019

Image Source: Wrestling Inc

With Elimination Chamber behind us, we’re a step closer to WrestleMania 35, though you may not know it from a week that had a greater focus on NXT than the MetLife Stadium supershow. While you debate the merits of this, let’s check out Main Event for this week.

No Way Jose vs. Rezar

Rezar is slowly establishing a presence as a singles competitor with AoP partner Akam out injured; if it ends up being a long-term issue, the team could potentially split for good. I had to laugh at Jose’s dance troupe continuing to, erm, dance as Rezar and Drake Maverick entered the ring, and all the way back through the entrance way. Otherwise, this was a typical, unmemorable squash win for Rezar, a victory that he picked up with a uranage-style slam to a barely audible reaction. Yes, we were still in Layafette, a crowd that were near-silent for much of Raw this week, so this match had no chance (though we did get a light No Way Jose chant).

From Raw (read that review here), we had footage of Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin, along with brief clips of Finn Balor teaming with Ricochet, and even briefer clips of #DIY and Aleister Black debuting on Raw. We also had Paul Heyman’s two-part video retrospective of Brock Lesnar merged into one long montage. The six-man tag team match from SmackDown (read that review here) closed out Main Event, and we also received a round-up on the latest developments in the Charlotte Flair/Ronda Rousey/Becky Lynch storyline.

Tyler Breeze & The B-Team vs. Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers

In a rematch from last week, The Singhs again looked like a cross between The Rockers and The Hart Foundation with their black-and-pink gear, designed in such a way that it evoked memories of Marty and Shawn. We had an early dance-off (which included Axel flossing, and that spot got the biggest reaction of the show for better or worse). The Singhs took over once Bo Dallas tagged in, and Jinder Mahal sent Dallas into the bottom turnbuckle to increase the advantage for the heels. From there, The Singhs double-teamed the former NXT Champion, with the Modern-Day Maharaja also getting his licks on occasionally. Bo’s clothesline to Sunil Singh opened the door for him to tag out to Axel, who regained control for the babyface squad. A blind tag brought in Tyler, leading to a slightly botched sequence that led Tyler to lock in a half Boston crab. A double Singh superkick didn’t get the win over Tyler thanks to Dallas intervening, and after the usual mix of strikes taking each participant out, the Beauty Shot polished off Samir. Dissension in the Jinder/Singhs ranks was teased afterwards. I must mention that this match was so similar to their contest a week ago that I felt the need to check the spoilers to make sure that this actually was a rematch, and not a straight-up rerun, because almost every spot was exactly the same. I know this is occasionally done during house show loops, but on television, it is far more noticeable.

This was a step below last week’s Main Event. The unenthusiastic crowd didn’t help, but the opener was weaker than last week’s opener, and the featured attraction was a straight copy-and-paste job from a week ago. Hopefully, we’ll get better (or at least fresher) next week.