Theatre Review: The Full Monty, Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Image Source: Liverpool Echo

Format: Play
Genre: Comedy Drama
Date: March 18 2019
Location: Empire Theatre, Liverpool

On our recent trip to see The Full Monty, the Empire Theatre was awash with excited females of all ages. That excitement heightened by the number of local celebs and Hollyoaks cast who were out in force to support their friends and fellow actors.

The Empire staff coped admirably with the huge queues for wine, and the queue for the ladies toilets reminded me of waiting to board the Pepsi Max rollercoaster in Blackpool! The atmosphere was electric and the audience were definitely up for a good time.

Those of us of a certain age recognised the references in the script to the dark days of Thatcherism – clear from the opening scenes when we meet Gaz (Gary Lucy), Dave (Kai Owen) and Gaz’s son Nathan (Fraser Kelly) on the rob for old girders at the now-empty and redundant steelyard.

We remember the demise of the manufacturing industry, and The Full Monty focuses on the Sheffield steel industry and the affect the closures have on the local community. A way out of the financial woes being experienced by Gaz and his former workmates was duly planned. After seeing the Chippendales perform – why couldn’t they? After some persuasion, the guys are convinced!

The play follows the film faithfully – the characters are easily recognisable. There are outstanding iconic scenes; for instance, the line dance to You Sexy Thing in the Dole office was laugh-out-loud material. The audience loved it. There were particularly big cheers for local lad Louis Emerick (Horse) but, to be honest, each and every actor did a sterling job. The guy with the most controversial bum to ever appear on the outside of the Empire (Gaz) held everything together, and helped us understand his frustrations and empathise with the problems he was having with his ex.

The final number You Can Leave Your Hat On did not disappoint! It was absolutely fabulous.

The Full Monty was the best show I have reviewed at the Empire for years. Don’t miss it!

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect