Wrestling Review: Impact Wrestling – Against All Odds, March 29 2019

Image Source: Ringside Intel

Impact continued to build on its biggest stories this week with an Against All Odds special, coming off some major storyline developments in recent weeks. As such, the show opened with a recap of current events and a preview of the big matches on this episode.

Unsanctioned Brawl
The Lucha Bros vs. LAX

This was the latest chapter in an increasingly-violent feud between these two combos. After Konnan noted how he could see these tensions coming a while back, the Luchas came out and began scrapping, before security officers came out to break things up. However, all four dispatched of the guards, with the fight resuming after chairshots by The Luchas. Tables were brought into the fray, but LAX managed to fight back and send the champions through the two tables with reverse fireman’s carry slams. LAX and Konnan stood over The Luchas and posed with the titles to conclude what was not an official match, but a fight that guarantees a future title bout.

Afterwards, LAX said that they deserved the titles for the work they had put in, before Josh Matthews revealed that Konnan had made the challenge to The Luchas for a Full Metal Mayhem match at the upcoming Rebellion show.

Glenn Gilberti vs. Scarlett Bordeaux

This intergender match was based on the simple premise that Gilberti is very sexist regarding women’s wrestling, and said beforehand that Bordeaux still had an opportunity to forfeit rather than go through with it. That wasn’t happening, despite Glenn again appealing to Scarlett with such sentiments. Bordeaux’s response: “Shut up and wrestle, turkey boy” (in reference to a previous storyline). In her first Impact match, Scarlett easily out-wrestled Glenn, as fans chanted “Gobble gobble!” Gilberti resorted to underhanded means and basic attacks to gain an advantage, but he was no match for Bordeaux on the whole. Scarlett made a big comeback, much to the approval of the fans (as well as Josh Matthews and Don Callis on commentary), and after a Stinkface followed by a Stunner (what a combination) led to a two-count, Scarlett withstood a Village People’s Elbow and hit a powerbomb for the win. Given the nature of this storyline, this bout did everything that was required.

In a backstage interview, Taya Valkyrie told Melissa Santos that she was stronger than Jordynne Grace and that she would defeat her later on, with Johnny Impact saying that he would watch Killer Kross face (and potentially concuss once again) Brian Cage.

This week’s vault match was Beer Money vs. Lethal Consequences from TNA Against All Odds 2009. The careers of all four have gone in entirely different directions in the ten years since that show.

We had a recap of the Tessa Blanchard-Gail Kim feud. Tessa said that Gail’s recent actions meant she had Impact “by the balls” and that Kim had to apologise and then leave the company. Madison Rayne. the Queen bee. This was book-ended by vignettes for Josh Alexander and the “Queen Bee” Madison Rayne, who returns next week. Also, The Lucha Bros accepted the Full Metal Mayhem challenge for Rebellion from Konnan and LAX.

Tessa Blanchard came to the ring to receive her apology for a multitude of issues, followed by Gail Kim. Gail said she had came to apologise, and so she did, though Tessa pressured Kim into humbling herself. Blanchard then insisted that Gail leave Impact, and Kim revealed that she had resigned from her position. Tessa still pushed things by mocking Gail and her era of women’s wrestling, as well as emphasising her own superiority. But Kim had a surprise for Tessa: she had resigned on condition that she was coming out of retirement, and pounded Tessa in and around the ring. An in-ring showdown is coming between these two, which Josh confirmed for Rebellion.

We then had a recap of last week’s shenanigans involving Rich Swann, Sami Callihan and Mad Man Fulton, followed by a creepy OVE segment to mark Fulton’s official induction into the group.

Impact Knockouts Championship Match
Taya Valkyrie (C) vs. Jordynne Grace

Jordynne earned this title opportunity several weeks ago. It seemed to be a test of Jordynne’s power against Taya’s more cunning choice of tactics. A huge back German suplex by Jordynne sent the champion scurrying to the apron, but Taya gained full control by sending Grace into the ring post. From there, it was all Taya, who gave the Sheamus “Are you not entertained?” line, and she cut off an attempted Grace comeback with a spear. But a low suplex provided the foundation on which the challenger was able to properly reset, which led to plenty of dominance by Jordynne, who had the fans right behind her. After Valkyrie missed an attempted top rope moonsault, she feigned an injury which led Johnny Impact to come down and lead her away, giving Jordynne a cheap countout victory that allowed Taya to retain the title. But Brian Cage came down to confront Johnny, with Jordynne getting another shot in on Taya. As Johnny held Taya as a shield of sorts, though, Killer Kross appeared and beat up Cage at ringside, segueing us nicely into the next match.

Brian Cage vs. Killer Kross

This was a basic TV match as part of the Johnny-Brian feud, as well as adding further weight to the Johnny-Kross alliance. And Killer did his best to continuously hurt Cage, based on the proclamation/hopes expressed earlier by Kross. Cage managed to power out of an attempted Kross arm-breaker which allowed him to attempt his own big comeback, though Killer still had his moments to inflict pain upon his opponent. Cage finally managed to properly fight back, but even then, he could only momentarily stop the monster-esque Kross. A moonsault earned a two-count for Brian, as did a big discus clothesline, but an F5 might have gotten three had Johnny Impact not placed Kross’ foot on the ropes. Interference from Taya led to two Doomsdays on Cage, with Brian kicking out, only for the referee to say after a delay that he had counted three (even though Cage had clearly gotten his shoulders up) in a major botch. Cage’s night got worse when Johnny pounded him afterwards with a steel chair, in particular targeting his left arm.

To end the show, we had a major confrontation between Rosemary and Allie within the Undead Realm. I really don’t know what to say about this; not unlike the Broken Matt Hardy shenanigans of 2016, you’d simply have to watch this to comprehend it any better than my words could. But I will say that it involved James Mitchell, the revelation of Kevin Sullivan as The Boss (which is really sinister when you think about it), some pretty interesting song choices, and Allie’s character being killed. You read that right. As I said, this cinematic segment has to be seen to be believed.

This episode seemed to try and serve both as a big show in its own right and a way to build towards the upcoming Rebellion card. While I’m not sure if it pulled off the former, it did achieve the latter. The wrestling here was nothing special, but there are clear directions heading into the April 28 PPV. That being said, the show-closing segment of Allie being stabbed to death is hard to look past, for better or worse; if nothing else, it made for a segment that won’t soon be forgotten by Impact fans.