Wrestling Review: WWE Main Event, April 4 2019

All in all, The Lumineers exceeded my expectations, and it was an experience I will never forget.

It’s the final episode of Main Event before WrestleMania 35, and thanks to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it could be argued that Main Event would actually play a role in the build for the PPV. Okay, maybe not. But hey, it’s a nice thought to have, so let’s get to this edition!

No Way Jose vs. Tyler Breeze

Both combatants have undergone major hairstyle changes recently. NWJ has gone for the light-green dreadlocks (which actually looks good, to be fair), while Tyler has opted for short brown hair with blonde highlights (which may take a little longer to get used to, despite being a more reserved choice). This was a rare face vs. face match on the show, though that’s assuming we aren’t seeing the slow transition into a heel turn for Tyler, who is definitely cut out for the role. The bout was fun (and it was a fresh pairing for once), but understandably (especially during Mania week), it’s unlikely to remain in one’s memory a few weeks from now. Breeze almost scored the win with a superkick, but Jose wrapped things up with a Fastball Punch. Good stuff here, by recent standards anyway.

Time for the highlights! We had a recap of the major Ronda Rousey/Charlotte Flair/Becky Lynch angle from Raw, along with the contract signing for Daniel Bryan-Kofi Kingston from SmackDown, and the tribute video for Kurt Angle ahead of his final match at WrestleMania. We also had a final run-down of the card for Sunday night’s supershow.

Lucha House Party vs. The Ascension

Remember when Konnor and Victor started receiving a mini-push for the first time in ages a while ago? That seems as distant as their NXT success nowadays. At this point, we don’t even get their full entrance routine, instead opting for a basic intro that is indistinguishable from anyone else on the roster. LHP are still fairly popular though, and it’s possible that Kalisto and pals will receive renewed attention after Mania. As for the match: this wasn’t anything special (meaning that relatively low spectators were ultimately met), aside from a kip-up by Konnor with Kalisto holding his arm, which was unexpected. A Salida Del Sol led to an elbow-drop and pin for Gran Metalik over Konnor.

The show ended with a recap of the Brock Lesnar/Seth Rollins brawl from Raw.

This was one of the better episodes of Main Event lately. The matches were a bit better than usual, perhaps as a (probably futile) attempt to grab people’s attention ahead of WrestleMania 35 this Sunday, and the pairings were a little fresher than what we’re used to. And hey, with Main Event now in the history books, the next stop is Mania weekend itself!