Music Preview: Ultimate Elvis, Auditorium At M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Image Source: Ticket Quarter

Are you ready for the Ultimate Elvis experience? That is what will be coming to Liverpool as Ultimate Elvis hits the Auditorium At M&S Bank Arena on Saturday April 20.

This show lives up to the name by providing the definitive tribute to the King himself, Elvis Presley. Every timeless hit, every hunch of the face, every swivel of the hips and everything in between is on display, along with authentic costumes that whisk you back to the time when Elvis ruled the music world.

Standing in the white jumpsuit and the blue suede shoes will be Ben Thompson. You may recall that Ben was one of the three artists at Elvis World Tour last October (you can read that review by clicking here). This time, the stage will be all his, and given his credentials and talent, there could hardly be a better choice for this iconic role.

Ben brings a wealth of energy, enthusiasm and showmanship to his craft. He is a versatile, experienced and confident performer who can hit all the high notes and pull at the emotional heart strings while also possessing the ability to captivate a crowd into dancing along with a funky beat. He also has the distinction of being the 2018 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Grand Champion, which says it all as to his suitability for bringing Presley to life in front of our very eyes!

The production will take you on a journey through Elvis’ entire career. Beginning during his early, post-war rise up the charts in the early 1950s, it moves towards Presley establishing himself as the King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, his legendary Comeback Special in 1968, and finally his Las Vegas shows which further solidified him as the greatest of all-time. Many decades later, the stars of today still strive to reach the standard that Elvis has set, but it’s a bar that he occupied alone. It is this standard which will be the measuring stick for the upcoming show in Liverpool, itself a city of rich musical heritage.

So, if you’re a longtime fan looking to relive the classics, a younger attendee perhaps being introduced to his back catalogue for the first time, or simply someone who just wants to sing, dance and have a good time, Ultimate Elvis is the perfect showcase of top-class music by a tribute artist who will make you believe that it’s the mid-20th century and that the King himself is standing right before your very eyes!

Ultimate Elvis performs live at the Auditorium At M&S Bank Arena on Saturday April 20. To book your tickets, click here.