Wrestling Review: WWE Main Event, April 11 2019

Image Source: Wrestling Inc

WrestleMania 35 is in the rear-view mirror and begins to slowly fade into the door marked “memory”. The final WWE televised show of the first week after the 2019 Mania was Main Event, so let’s get to it and see how this show reacted to the Showcase Of The Immortals.

No Way Jose vs. Jinder Mahal

Main Event is taped prior to Raw, meaning that this was actually the first televised match of the new 2019/2020 WWE season which will culminate at WrestleMania 36 on April 5 2020. If either of these two end up, erm, main eventing WM 36, it will be an even greater achievement than Becky Lynch’s rise in my opinion. Considering that we were in front of one of the most vocal TV crowds of the year in Brooklyn, this didn’t generate the excitement that one might have hoped for. Jinder sealed the win with the Khallas, which did get a minor babyface pop. Will we get a good guy Jinder in the coming months?

We had the usual videos, but this time with a Mania theme. These included Becky Lynch’s big win at MetLife Stadium, highlights of The Usos vs. The Hardyz from SmackDown, very brief footage of the angles involving Lars Sullivan/Kurt Angle and Sami Zayn, slightly extended clips of The Undertaker pounding Elias, and all while being book-ended by stills from the big show in New Jersey.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Ascension

It is said by WWE that the post-Mania shows represent the next chapter in the company’s history. That message didn’t translate to Main Event, though, since we’ve already seen this doubles bout multiple times. The highlight saw Viktor and Tucker exchanging handstands as a means of trying to outdo one another. Heavy Machinery continued their impressive (yet so far futile) winning streak by hitting the Compactor. Byron Saxton’s dubbed commentary was almost immediate in transitioning to the celebration and six-man tag team match for Kofi Kingston on SmackDown to round this show off.

There wasn’t much to say about Main Event; less so than usual, actually. Indeed, we’ve been stuck in a holding pattern with this show for a while, which is more bizarre considering how massive the WWE roster is, even if you solely focused on the Raw side. Thankfully, though, the Superstar Shake-Up next week should change things; if Jinder and pals jump to SD, then Main Event will simply have to provide something different. For that reason, Main Event may actually be the show that benefits most from the upcoming personnel switches.