Wrestling Review: WWE 205 Live, April 16 2019

Image Source: Give Me Sport

Due to the Superstar Shake-Up, two of 205 Life’s most important performers are heading to pastures new (sort of). Cedric Alexander is going back to Raw, while Buddy Murphy is moving to SmackDown. But while we’ve likely already seen Buddy’s last 205 Live match, this episode would play host to Cedric’s 205 swansong.

A video package opened the show with Tony Nese discussing how it’s a new era for 205 Live and he awaits his next challenger to his recently-won Cruiserweight Championship. Nese is awesome in the ring, but whoever scripted his promo for him pulled it out of the generic babyface manual.

Akira Tozawa vs. Gran Metalik vs. Mike Kanellis vs. Ariya Daivari

Drake Maverick sat on commentary for this match, while Maria Kanellis was stationed at ringside (and amazingly didn’t interfere). After a, to be frank, awful promo by Lucha House Party to bring out Metalik, the four-way match began, and it was a good one. The highlights included a triple-spot sequence of Kanellis taking an Akira dropkick, who then took a Metalik senton, who himself then took a Daivari splash; Metalik hitting a big hurricanrana to Ariya off the apron into Mike on the floor, followed by a Tozawa tope into Gran; and a chop battle between Akira and Mike that ended with Kanellis ducking, lifting his head up and then taking a stiff jab to the jaw. The finish saw Kanellis hit Tozawa with a reverse DDT, and when Metalik tried to break the cover up with an elbow, he ended up hitting Akira; Mike sent Gran to ringside, but then Ariya shoved Mike away and pinned Akira to win.

We then had backstage promos from Oney Lorcan and Cedric Alexander ahead of their main event match.

Cedric Alexander vs. Oney Lorcan

The revolving door spun in both directions with this match. Oney is still a relatively fresh face on 205 Live, but this marked Cedric’s farewell match on the cruiserweight brand due to his move to Raw. Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak was announced for next week as Oney made his entrance, but how would this week’s feature match fare? Well, it was a very slow starter, but it built nicely and soon transformed into a battle of one big spot after another by both men. Oney focused on weakening his opponent with stiff strikes and straight-up smash-mouth offence, while Cedric brought the flash and the high risks, including a springboard DDT for two. A Michinoku Driver also didn’t get the three-count for Alexander, while an uppercut by Lorcan cut off a handspring attack followed by a twisting neckbreaker and another uppercut led to a close near-fall for Oney. A powerbomb straight into a single-leg Boston crab was another highlight for Lorcan. In the end, Oney hit a dangerous half-and-half suplex on the apron, followed by a big clothesline and another half-and-half suplex in the ring for the victory. The age of Alexander on 205 has ended, and Lorcan established himself here as a key player in the future of the brand. Afterwards, the two men shook hands as fans chanted “Thank you Cedric!” to end the show.

Though a step below last week’s edition, this was another good episode of 205 Live, with a fun four-way opener and a strong main event. The next chapter in the history of 205 Live is under way.