Wrestling Review: WWE Main Event, January 24 2019

Image Source: Wrestling Inc

We’re almost upon Royal Rumble, but before we get there, let’s check out Main Event. Of note, we had a new announcing trio of Byron Saxton, Percy Watson and Renee Young, seemingly ending the Vic Joseph/Nigel McGuinness combo (on Main Event, anyway).

Rezar vs. Tyler Breeze

The AoP member got a surprisingly strong babyface pop here (especially considering that he’s a heel). Tyler with his new beard also earned some cheers. Unfortunately, the match itself was poor: Rezar dominated the bulk of the contest, but Tyler’s big comeback suffered from sloppiness; at one point, time stood still during a very messed-up roll-through by Breeze. A uranage by Rezar quickly and thankfully ended the bout shortly afterwards. Not good at all.

This week’s round-up covered Finn Balor vs. Braun Strowman, the annual By The Numbers video ahead of the Rumble, along with Ronda Rousey’s threat to Sasha Banks and the subsequent tag pitting Ronda and Natalya against Sasha and Bayley, along with a rundown of the Rumble card as a whole.

No Way Jose vs. Mojo Rawley

Mojo now has totally generic rock music, similar to how the pushed heels of the month would have very similar, non-distinctive themes in the mid-2000s. This match wasn’t too bad, but it also wasn’t particularly memorable. The highlight was Jose hitting a cannonball off the apron. After executing a Pounce (which showed “explosicity”, according to Percy Watson on commentary), Mojo hit a sit-out Alabama Slam for the win, making it two victories for the heels (a rarity on Main Event). One fan on the front low looked particularly distraught that NWJ was pinned.

Footage from the Daniel Bryan/AJ Styles/Vince McMahon segment on SmackDown rounded off this show.

This was one of the worst episodes of Main Event in recent months. The opener was particularly bad, and though the second match was better, it was still only average. It’s a shame because the fans were really into the matches, but the action couldn’t match their enthusiasm.