Wrestling Review: WWE Main Event, April 25 2019

Image Source: Wrestling Inc

The Superstar Shake-Up is finally over with (we think), which means that the rosters are in place for the next year of WWE television. That includes the Raw stars who moonlight on Main Event, but what changes will come to this show based on the many roster trades?

Dana Brooke vs. Ruby Riott

Well not much based on the opening match. To be fair, Ruby hasn’t been on Main Event in ages, and Dana only returned to the show last week, but this pitted two performers against one another who had previously been on Raw. David Otunga was on commentary alongside Byron Saxton and Renee Young this week, and while Percy Watson’s absence has yet to be explained, perhaps the bigger story is that Sam Roberts’ stint lasted one week, perhaps due to the major online backlash to his criticisms of Dana last week (which brought the show more attention than anything that has happened on Main Event in ages). In contrast to Sam, David was more than happy to praise Brooke, and she did look better in the ring against Ruby, who is more versatile and talented than Tamina. I should mention that though it was only Liv Morgan that went to SmackDown, as opposed to Liv and Sarah Logan, Riott went it alone here, which suggests that she and Logan are now on separate paths too. Brooke received a strong reaction from fans, and she managed to use that to her advantage by pinning Riott with a TKO into a sit-out slam. Seems like Brooke is slowly building up her momentum for a push, especially with fans starting to take to her act more.

This week’s highlights: the Shane McMahon-Roman Reigns-Elias shenanigans from SmackDown, a rundown of the Money In The Bank card so far, and the Raw moments that set up AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin (with clips of the latter shown in more detail). We also had another airing of the Firefly Fun House segment featuring Bray Wyatt. It took more than one viewing to truly understand what was happening, but right now this has the potential to be extremely interesting. Indeed, fan anticipation for a presumed follow-up segment this Monday on Raw is pretty high right now.

EC3 vs. No Way Jose

So much for Main Event changing due to the Superstar Shake-Up. These two have met on the show before, and with both remaining on Raw, they are both likely to battle multiple times in the coming months. At least Jose brings energy and enthusiasm to the show, while EC3 looks to find a direction that will allow him to avoid being viewed as a main roster flop (which is the case right now, mostly based on his booking in the last two months). This was your typical ME match with Jose’s dancing leading to a frustrated EC3 garnering control with slow, methodical wear-down offence. There seemed to be an edit here, as we returned from commercial somewhat abruptly. The man with the green and yellow dreadlocks battled back and pulled out a side Blockbuster and a Stinger Splash, before a top rope crossbody for two. EC3 thought he had the win with an inverted DDT, but he only got two himself. But his victory was simply delayed, as a Headlock Driver got him the three-count.

Closing proceedings was Kofi Kingston vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and the subsequent Kevin Owens heel turn on Kingston, with clips of how KO had aligned himself with Kofi and Xavier Woods recently.

This was just another episode of Main Event, to be honest. Dana Brooke vs. Ruby Riott was enjoyable, and EC3 vs. No Way Jose had its moments, but nothing screamed “must-see”. And given how I thought SD might freshen up this show, the only fallout of the Shake-Up for Main Event is that the likes of Jinder Mahal and Heavy Machinery are no longer eligible for competition. So, it looks like we’re set for more of the same on this show in the immediate future.