WWE Raw Review, May 13 2019 feat. Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn

Oliver! was a triumph for LHK Youth Theatre.

Raw Flashbacks

On last week’s RAW the main focus surrounded the ‘Wildcard’ in which four Smackdown Superstars were able to move to RAW and vice versa on Smackdown the night after. Other moments on the show included a miscommunication between Seth Rollins and AJ Styles in the build-up to their Universal Title match at Money in the Bank as well as a WWE Title match main eventing as Kofi Kingston defended against Daniel Bryan in a Wrestlemania rematch.

Announced before the show were a Miz TV with Roman Reigns to open the show, Ricochet vs Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre vs Braun Strowman and a fatal 4 way between the female MitB participants. RAW takes place from the O2 arena in London.

Miz TV w/Roman Reigns

RAW kicks off with an international edition of Miz TV. Miz talks about the importance of the Money the Bank PPV with the opportunities it brings before bringing out his guest, Smackdown’s Roman Reigns. When asked about his match with Elias this upcoming Sunday Reigns would claim Elias has “Done nothing in the WWE and should stick to karaoke”. Reigns would ask Miz about Shane this Sunday and if he’s going to get revenge which would lead to an impassioned promo by the Miz claiming Shane will “Go down faster than your old man to a Superman punch”. This would bring out Shane McMahon who would distract the two long enough for Bobby Lashley and Elias to sneak attack the two former WWE Champions. Shane would go on to make a Tag Title match between the 4 men for right now.

Roman Reigns and The Miz vs Bobby Lashley and Elias

The majority of this match was both Bobby Lashley and Elias taking control over the Miz. After a quickfire start by the ‘A-Lister’ of WWE, including double ‘IT’ kicks, an Elias interference would change the course of the match. Some big moves of the match would include a pretty incentive old school meteora from Elias on to Miz and a snap DDT by the Miz. Just as Miz would be about to tag Roman Reigns, Shane McMahon would get involved to cause a DQ attacking Reigns.

Post-match the 5 individuals would brawl with Shane McMahon getting some damage on his MitB opponent before this Sunday. However, due to a Reigns suicide dive and the assistance of a steel chair Reigns and Miz would stand tall.

Charly Caruso interviews Braun Strowman asking if his actions of last week against Sami Zayn were regrettable, Strowman claimed tonight was all about Money in the Bank. A backstage personnel would tell Strowman to go and see Shane McMahon.

Cut backstage to Shane McMahon’s office where Sami Zayn is given the opportunity of revenge for last week by facing Braun Strowman in the main event for the ‘Monster Among Men’ Money in the Bank spot in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Apollo Crews vs Mojo Rawley

This was something… right??? This was the debut of Mojo’s new character on RAW and not much other than being a tad bit more aggressive changed. The match was over quickly however with Mojo in complete control winning with a running forearm and an Alabama slam combination.

Becky Lynch is seen backstage walking out for her contract signing.

Backstage we cut to Alexa Bliss complaining over the phone over baggage issues and that an “American celebrity” should not have to deal with these issues. Nikki Cross would then appear a lot calmer than usual to try and help Bliss, after the former 3 time RAW Women’s Champion told Nikki what occurred Nikki would tell Alexa that she’ll take her spot for tonight.

Becky Lynch/Lacey Evans/Charlotte contract signing

Moderated by Michael Cole, Becky Lynch was unsurprisingly very much over with the crowd across the pond garnering the loudest reaction of the night. Becky would focus on if Lacey can handle the spotlight and if Charlotte can actually beat her asking Lacey if she needs advice to go to her twin. Becky would claim Lacey “Cannot lose her one opportunity” and that Charlotte might be on her last “Millionth opportunity”. The segment would end with a brawl in which Lacey and Charlotte would put Becky 2 Belts through the contract table via a powerbomb. Both challengers would then lift their respective titles.

Ricochet vs Baron Corbin

In a preview for this Sunday we got two of RAW’s participants in a singles match. This match was a pretty good TV match with a underdog Ricochet fighting the odds. Some big moves in this match included a catching back suplex drop from Corbin, a tiltawhirl DDT by Ricochet and a spring-board headscissors off the top rope. In the end Baron Corbin would be too much hitting the End of Days for the win.

Post-match Corbin would attempt to grab the Money in the Bank briefcase but would be pushed off the ladder by Ricochet.

Charly Caruso interviews Rey Mysterio about Joe threatening his son last week. Rey before giving a full answer would be interrupted by Cesaro who would question the legitimacy of Dominic as Rey’s son claiming he’s more like “Samoa Joe’s son”. This would lead to a brawl between the two and a match announced for later tonight.
AJ Styles is then interviewed over his actions last week leading to Baron Corbin pinning the Universal Champion Seth Rollins. AJ claimed the Phenomenal forearm was for Baron Corbin and an accident but on Sunday it won’t be and that he’s walking out Champion.

Nikki Cross vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Dana Brooke

With Alexa Bliss on commentary and Nikki taking her place for the night this match was not all the participants in the Money in the Bank match but still a very good match. This was a very much a showcase match for Dana Brooke who hasn’t been in a position like this for over two years and took her chance hitting a huge diving crossbody off a ladder. Naomi would nearly win the match with a split legged moonsault but it would actually be Nikki Cross with the W after pinning Natalya with an elevated swinging neckbreaker. This would lead to both Alexa and Corey to claim that Bliss by picking Nikki to replace her tonight technically won the match.

Post-match, Nikki would help Alexa climb the ladder and grab the briefcase in what may be an early indication for later on in the show.

Cesaro vs Rey Mysterio

Prior to the match, Samoa Joe would cut a promo claiming that all he told Dominic on Sunday was like just at Wrestlemania his “Papi is going to pass out”. This was a really good match which is not a surprise to anyone when seen who is involved, some big moves in this match included a sunset flip sit down powerbomb by Mysterio and a Cesaro swing on the barricade. Cesaro would also come close to winning by hitting a one armed vertical suplex off the middle rope which is an absolutely ridiculous move which only Cesaro could pull off. Cesaro would attempt a Swiss-19 but miss leading to Rey getting the win with the 619 and splash combination. The Revival would cut a promo claiming that last week the Uso’s went too far with ‘Ucey hot’ and that if the Uso’s want to find who the best tag team in the world is, they are not hard to find.

Firefly Fun House

This week’s FFH would start with a game of hide and seek before Bray says he has a secret for us, we also see a bandaged up worried rambling rabbit. Wyatt would claim he still has a lot of darkness in his soul and that he’s “Learned to harness it” and to “Control it”. This would lead to a whole setting change in which would be a lot darker and Wyatt wearing a clown mask and ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star in the background’, the segment would end with Wyatt muttering “Yowie Wowie”.

Seth Rollins would be interviewed over his MitB opponent AJ Styles, Seth claimed AJ “Showed his true colours” last week and that this is now personal reflecting on their only other match 15 years ago in which AJ called Seth “The future” and that this Sunday is about sending a statement that this is the ‘Seth Rollins show’.

Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman – Falls Count Anywhere, if Braun loses he loses his Money in the Bank spot

Now at the main event of the night with pretty big implications, Strowman would dominate early in a cat and mouse fashion throwing Sami Zayn around the arena although Zayn was able to get some break through a beer throw. However, this match would have interference throughout with Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre attacking Strowman, examples of this would be a Corbin back suplex through a merchandise table for a 2 count and a Glasgow kiss by McIntyre.

Strowman would start to pile ladders on top of Zayn but the numbers game would become too much with McIntyre and Corbin putting Strowman through a ladder followed by a Claymore kick which would give Zayn the win.

Post-match Strowman would attack Zayn chokeslamming the new Money in the Bank participant through the announce table to end the show.

Overall, RAW was a pretty good show with a good amount of build-up to all the matches on the red brand that will be at Money in the Bank. The only issue if any was the missing tag division but with no match announced at Money in the Bank it is not a huge miss.