Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, June 3 2019

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RAW Flashbacks

On last week’s RAW a new number one contender was crowned for Seth Rollins Universal Championship with that being Baron Corbin winning a fatal 4 way against Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley and The Miz. The US Title was also stripped off Rey Mysterio being made vacant due to injury. Brock Lesnar also found about the rules of the Money in the Bank contract when deciding not to cash in his contract.

Announced for RAW tonight are an Undertaker appearance before his ‘Dream match’ against Goldberg at Super Show Down, The Bloodline vs The Revival and Drew McIntyre and Brock Lesnar facing repercussions after not giving his MitB cash in date last week. This is through being forced to cash in this week confirmed by Paul Heyman.

RAW takes place from the Frank Erwin Centre, Austin, TX.

Roman Reigns/Shane McMahon Segment

RAW kicks off building to the 6 man tag announced prior to RAW and Super Show Down. Shane makes sure he gets his special entrance and “Can’t wait to shut Reigns up” before calling himself a “Fine wine”. Reigns dares Shane to tap him out and that he “Doesn’t stand a chance” without any help this Friday. Drew McIntyre would then appear claiming he will get revenge over Reigns for Wrestlemania and that he doesn’t need his partners. This would lead to the perfect distraction with the Revival blindsiding Roman and attacking the ‘Big Dog’ in a 3 on 1 until the Uso’s would appear.

The Bloodline vs. The Revival & Drew McIntyre

This match would start straight after the Uso’s appeared to help their cousin with the former Smackdown Tag Team Champions starting well hitting synchronised dives on their opponents. This was a standard TV match with McIntyre and the Revival preventing Reigns from getting into the ring, this was done through the targeting of Jimmy Uso with an overhead belly to belly by McIntyre and spinebuster by Dawson being big moves. Once Reigns was tagged in the match swung in the ‘Bloodline’s’ favour until Shane McMahon interference led to a surprise Claymore kick on the Big Dog and another one on Jey Uso for the win. Post-match, The Revival, Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon attacked Reigns with Shane McMahon hitting Roman’s finisher the Spear to lay out the former Universal Champion.

Miz TV with Special guest Universal Champion Seth Rollins is announced next.

Miz TV with Seth Rollins

Miz hypes up the Brock Lesnar cash-in for later tonight before introducing Universal Champion Seth Rollins. Miz brought up all the potential changes which could occur tonight with Brock Lesnar cashing in tonight and the implications of Super Show Down. Miz focuses on the power of the briefcase which both men have won and that Brock Lesnar is a different animal. Rollins claims to be a “Fighting Champion” and all his focus is on Baron Corbin and “Stomping his head through the mat”. The camera cuts to the titantron with Lesnar and Heyman’s arrival walking to the ramp. Lesnar teases walking out before going backstage.

Lucha House Party/Lars Sullivan Segment

In build to SSD, we got a repeat of last week of Lars Sullivan destroying all three members of LHP. However, Sullivan would be forced to retreat following a triple dropkick by LHP. Renee Young claimed this match to be “Exciting” for Friday.

Cut backstage to Nikki Cross getting bullied by the Iiconics before her match with Peyton Royce, this would lead to Alexa Bliss sticking up for her new friend. Alexa tells Nikki that “Noone likes her and she’s better off with Becky”. Nikki tells Alexa not to worry and that Bliss is the first one who noticed and cared for her. Alexa Bliss tells Nikki she’ll be in her corner tonight. Also, Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman in an arm wrestling match is announced for later tonight.

Becky Lynch Segment

Becky tells the crowd that after 9 weeks on the road a lot has happened incredibly fast and “All her dreams came true”. The RAW Women’s Champion talks about being content and following MitB with the loss of the Smackdown Women’s Title that she’s being “Awaken” and will get revenge on Lacey Evans. This would bring out the ‘Sassy Southern Belle’ who claimed that costing Becky Lynch at Money in the Bank “Saved the Women’s division” and that after she’s done with Becky she’ll be “Becky no belts”.

The Wildcard rule would then come into play with the introduction of Charlotte Flair, with Lacey telling Charlotte to go calling her a “Daddy’s girl” and a “Peacock”. Charlotte would claim that Lacey hasn’t even been in WWE for 4 minutes before pushing Charlotte over, this would lead to Charlotte Flair vs Lacey Evans.

Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans

This match started off as a brawl with Charlotte taking early control hitting some ground and pound work on Lacey with Becky Lynch on the outside laughing at her next challenger. Charlotte would dominate the match hitting multiple chops and the Flair walk before an opportunistic Lacey would use the turnbuckle to garner an advantage with a delayed dropkick for a 2. Charlotte would nearly lock in a figure 8 but after multiple counters would end in a double crossbody collision. This would give Becky the chance to interfere taking out Lacey and Charlotte to stand tall over her future opponent in the ‘Sassy Southern Belle’.

Rey Mysterio Segment

This segment focused on the vacation of Rey’s United States Title won at MitB. Rey talked about how wrestling is in his blood and that he has to do the “Right thing”. Just before Rey would vacate the title he would be interrupted by former US Champion Samoa Joe who wanted his title back. After threatening Rey, Joe would allow the vacation back to Joe before putting Mysterio in the clutch. This seems like a stop gap on a feud with high potential.

Braun Strowman/Bobby Lashley Arm Wrestling Match

In another segment to set up SSD, ‘The Monster Among Men’ and ‘The Almighty’ would have a battle of strength. A Cesaro and Ricochet promo are done to hype up the rubber match for later on tonight. Before the arm wrestle took place, Lashley would slap Strowman nearly leading to a brawl. After more delays by Lashley including the need for chalk the 2 would both be near to winning before Strowman would go into ‘Monster mode’ and win. Lashley would then throw chalk in Strowman’s face before hitting a powerslam to lay Braun out.

YouTube highlights of the 24/7 Title are shown.

Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss vs. Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

The unique friendship of Alexa and Nikki is highlighted before the match begins with the two coming out together all smiles and happy. The match would start with Peyton taking control hitting a spin kick and a reverse tarantula in the ropes. The match would be dominated by Royce hitting elbows on a seated Cross at one point before Nikki would be able to gain some momentum with an elbow and some rapid forearms. Alexa Bliss would then be given a cup of coffee, Peyton would kick this out of Alexa’s hand before Billie pushed Bliss into the coffee embarrassing the ‘Goddess’. This would give Nikki the opportunity to hit the elevated swinging neckbreaker for the win. Post-match an enraged Alexa Bliss would gain revenge hitting the Bliss-DDT on Billie Kay seemingly completing the full fledged babyface turn nearly 4 years to the day since her heel turn at NXT Unstoppable.

Seth Rollins Promo

Rollins would claim that he has eyes on all challengers but Brock Lesnar is different, this would lead to some mind games by Lesnar in which Rollins would claim Lesnar is a “Shell of the man he once was”.

This would lead to number one contender Baron Corbin coming out telling Rollins to “Forget about Brock Lesnar and focus on me” calling himself the “Dream crusher”. Rollins told the former MitB winner that he’d have to “Take the title from his dead hands”. The 2 men would brawl with Corbin standing tall with the End of Days following Lesnar’s music hitting.

Brock Lesnar would then come out hitting a low blow followed by chair shots and an F5 on the outside. However, Lesnar would decide to cash in at Super Show Down instead of RAW and leaving the Universal Champion in a bloody pulp. Seth Rollins would be taken out on a stretcher following the attack with girlfriend Becky Lynch going in the ambulance with him.

Firefly Fun House

This week’s Firefly Fun House focused on Exercise introducing new characters in Husky the Pig and a Vince McMahon Devil – esque character. This would lead to an 80’s exercise montage which needs to be seen to be believed with hints of the ‘Fiend’ and the darker side of Wyatt shown throughout.

Triple H is shown backstage before his face off with Super Show Down opponent Randy Orton next.

Triple H/Randy Orton Segment

This was another segment focused on Super Show Down with the two competitors involved having a 16 year history and 10 years since their last one on one match. Triple H would keep this short telling Randy that they know everything about each other and that in Jeddah “I’m going to kick your ass”, Orton would claim he’s “Not Batista”, and that the ‘Legend Killer’ will notch another victim. HHH would call Randy “One of the best ever” but that he’s “Still here and Randy won’t be the one to end it”. Randy would ask Triple H to “Get his balls back from Stephanie”, to which Triple H responded in saying his huge balls “Are a burden but you wouldn’t know as you never had any”.

Baron Corbin is interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage who says he’s going to “Celebrate as Seth Rollins does not stand a chance…and to welcome the new Universal Champion”.

Ricochet vs. Cesaro

This is the rubber match following the past two weeks seeing both Ricochet and Cesaro gain a victory over another. The athleticism is shown straight away with a catching tilt a whirl backbreaker by Cesaro to gain control of the match. Ricochet would be able to turn the tables in his favour with two headscissors and a second rope moonsault on the outside. Cesaro would come close to winning with a second rope suplex but after some high athleticism Cesaro would be able to hit the swing and a huge running uppercut for a close two. The finish would see Ricochet gain the victory with a schoolboy. Post-match Cesaro would blindside Ricochet before getting a table with 24/7 Champion R-Truth on. This would lead to a fun 24/7 segment in which Drake Maverick would finally get his moment only for Carmella to superkick him.

The Undertaker Segment

The Main Event segment focused on the main match of Super Show Down between the Undertaker and Goldberg. Undertaker focused on “Have you ever wondered about the stareoff with death?” and wanting the mythical Goldberg over the ‘Family man’ or this match will be his last match. Undertaker ended the segment by telling Goldberg at Super Sunday “You’re Next”

Overall, Raw was an average to good show, the show improved a lot as the night went on with the emergence of Bliss and Cross as Tag Titles contenders, Brock Lesnar’s brutalisation of Seth Rollins, the two Super Show Down segments involving Undertaker, Randy Orton & Triple H and the fun Cesaro vs Ricochet match. The only issue is the Tag division as it seems to be on AWOL which is a shame with the talent involved.