Music Review: Jess Glynne, Haydock Racecourse, Newton-Le-Willows

Image Source: Yahoo

Jess Glynne was the headline act of a memorable night of music and horse-racing at Haydock Racecourse this past Friday. As an established artist with many major hits, and with a future that looks extremely bright, she was an ideal candidate for such an occasion, which she proved with a top-drawer performance.

After kicking things off in style with Hold My Hand, the tunes No One and Rollin’ (which featured a lot of swearing, though she did apologise beforehand) followed, and then we had a slow build to both These Days and 123. Jess then brought a young boy named Riley to join in with her rendition of Thursday, which was a fun moment.

The hits kept coming with Ain’t Got Far To Go, Hate/Love and Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself (my personal favourite!). These were followed by One Touch, Take Me Home and Broken, before a medley of Real Love and My Love segued into Rather Be. All of these tunes emphasised just how many great, catchy songs she has brought to life over the past few years, but we weren’t done there.

All I Am seemed to be the end of the show, and though the concept of an encore is well-known, a large percentage of attendees presumed it was over. Instead, Glynne returned to the stage to perform Right Here and I’ll Be There to officially bring the evening to a close.

Jess was superb, putting on a fantastic performance and delivering all of her his to the wishes of her adoring fans. The acoustics were excellent considering the location, and her backing band were very good as well. It is certainly different to performing in front of an arena or a small auditorium, due to the complete open-air nature of the surroundings, so it’s a credit to all involved that this felt every bit as professional and slick as a typical live concert.

The weather was very challenging, with plenty of heavy showers dampening the climate but not the enthusiasm of the crowd, who were still there to enjoy themselves, albeit with umbrellas aplenty. This made for some difficult sight-lines, though nobody could be blamed for this. What I did take issue with was the number of people in the crowd who took “having a good time” to the Extreme by blatantly shoving and even grabbing other total strangers, no doubt while under the influence of alcohol or something stronger (which belied the presence of drug dogs outside the racecourse). One such attendee ended up being shoved to the ground, having been such a nuisance to those around her. Other unpleasant scenes were noticeable around me. Such behaviour is hardly ideal, and only serves to discourage other music-lovers from enjoying shows like this. But hey, they had a good time, so that’s all that matters right?

Despite the weather and the occasionally-problematic audience, this was a strong show, and a chance to enjoy one of the UK’s best vocalists at the top of her game. Anyone who loves the music of Jess Glynne will have come away from this show with a smile on their face, because she demonstrated here why she is such a popular and talented musician.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent