Theatre Review: Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Image Source: Total Ntertainment

Format: Play
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Dave Kirby
Cast: Andrew Schofield, Lindzi Germain, Jake Abraham, Catherine Rice, Gemma Broderick, Bobby Schofield & Lenny Wood
Review Date: June 12 2019
Performances: June 7 2019-July 6 2019, 8pm incl. 2pm matinees
Location: Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Age Rating: 15+

The sequel to Dave Kirby’s smash-hit Lost Soul has finally come to the Royal Court Theatre, and it’s safe to say that Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head is another gem for fans of local theatre and the Liverpudlian ways of life.


Whereas the original Lost Soul show focused on the relationship between Pat (Catherine Rice) and Terry (Jake Abraham), this time there is trouble in the mill between central characters Donna (Lindzi Germain) and Smigger (Andrew Schofield). Well, not so much trouble, but Smigger is just not feeling himself. His memories harken back to the good old days of the 1970s, and he is struggling to adjust to modern life. Not least because he and Donna are now grandparents to Fernando, the offspring of Amy (Gemma Broderick) sleeping with four lads in Ibiza; the assumed father, and the lad on the scene, is Charlie (Bobby Schofield), appropriately named given that he is the epitome of a local, drug-dealing scally with his hands in his Under Armour trackie pockets.

We see flashbacks to a riotous trip that Donna, Smigger, Pat and Terry had to Pontins a little while back, which included a hilariously disastrous attempt to spice things up romantically with the use of some interesting props and attire (I won’t spoil the visuals here). In the middle of all this, and with Donna preferring to stay in with her grandson rather than go out, Smigger is left to join his friends alone on a Sunday night in Smokie Mo’s, with a typically gormless barman (Lenny Wood). But Smigger is feeling lonely, both in practice and in his “wrecked head”, and his attempts to explain how he’s feeling to Donna only make things more awkward. He ultimately decides that he needs some time to clear his mind, which creates a number of story arcs and interesting, increasingly-comical twists that lead us to the big finish.


Andrew Schofield is as funny here as he has ever been, with his mix of spot-on one-liners tailored to the local audience, nifty yet ludicrous dance moves, and his totally believable, relatable personality that makes him an endearing figure to the crowd. He is a crucial element to the show, and this production is perfectly suited to his talents. Not far behind is Lindzi Germain, who is not far behind when it comes to generating big laughs, often at her own expense as well as bringing a sense of irony to proceedings (“Stop swearing in front of the baby, you gobs–te!”). The bedroom scene in Pontins is one of the highlights of the evening, and has to be seen to be believed.

Jake Abraham and Catherine Rice play their roles well, though we don’t see too much of the Pat character. Terry is more involved in the plot, and as we learn, they have some amusing romantic secrets of their own. Amy is sympathetic and she is also open to poking fun at aspects of her personality, whilst Charlie is as rough a scally as you could imagine; he brings all of the worst qualities of a Liverpudlian in their 20s, and pushes them to the max in priceless fashion. And Lenny Wood’s expressions and reactions are as great as ever, and he has a tremendous exchange with Bobby Schofield which is simple yet very cleverly-written. Add to that the vintage 70s tunes, the well-crafted backdrops for the family home, Smokie Mo’s and Pontins amongst other locations, and the seamless transitions from one scene to another, and this becomes a true treat for the locals to watch.


Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head is the perfect sequel to the original production, bringing major laughs on a regular basis as well as being a plot that everyone could identify with, and it’s a show that I urge people to see during its premiere run at the Royal Court Theatre.


Target Audience: Adults Aged 40+
Content: 4/5 – Strong Language, Sexual Themes
Recommendation?: Yes
Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect

Lost Soul 2 – Smigger’s Wrecked Head runs at the Royal Court Theatre until Saturday July 6. To buy tickets, click here or call 0151 709 4321.