Theatre Review: St. Francis De Sales Catholic Junior School Summer Concert 2019, Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

St. Francis De Sales Catholic Junior School

It’s that time of the year again for the St. Frances De Sales summer music and dance extravaganza, and once again, we were in for a treat!

The show began with energetic dancers, all accomplished in their moves. The comperes were Harley and Eloise, who said we would be dazzled by what we were about to see.

The choir gave a rousing rendition of two songs, followed by the band giving a strong performance of Rock Around The Clock and Blueberry Train. Year 3 then gave a lovely song Bringing Us Together.

An amazing brass trio did the Big Mac March, which was almost mistaken for an invitation for food! A solo by Isabelle was well done, and Max was also very good and confident. A surprise came from Year 5 who sang When I See You Again, while the saxophonists provided Union Street Express. The first half ended with a fantastic choir performance of My Celeste, which was very emotional.

The second half had an exciting start in the dark, as the lights went up for The Lion King music, which dancers appearing in animal costumes; the kids had natural rhythm and were a pleasure to watch. Our comperes guided us through to the ukelele group, who did One Man Went To Mow, and the clarinet team provided Frere Jacques. Two solos followed, which were again impressive and confidently performed. A pianist also gave us the catchy tune of Dusty Blue.

Next up was a great surprise and a possible showstopping performance, as the Year 5 rappers did a magical and fun rendition of the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme tune; everybody involved shone with their dancing and rapping. The show ended with a Matilda medley, which again was energetic and positive.

It was a fantastic evening of confident, happy and hard-working pupils and staff, covering various musical instruments which were played very well.

Well done to all at St. Francis De Sales Catholic Junior School, and we now look forward to the 2020 show!