Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, July 15 2019

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Raw Flashback

With the Extreme Rules PPV having taken place the night prior to this show that will be the focus of the flashback. For the Red brand in non title affairs The Graveyard Dogs were able to score a victory as was Braun Strowman over Bobby Lashley in a Last Man Standing match. In title matches two new Champions were crowned with AJ Styles becoming the US Champion and Brock Lesnar cashing in the Money in the Bank contract to become a 3 time Universal Champion.

Announced matches for the show are two number one contender matches for the RAW Women’s Championship and Universal Championship. These are a fatal 4 way Elimination match involving Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Carmella and Natalya and a 10 man battle royal involving Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and more. RAW takes place from the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman segment

After a recap of Brock Lesnar winning the Universal Championship last night, Heyman focuses on that “He told you” what would occur at Extreme Rules and that these fans “Would rather he lie”. Heyman claims “Lesnar is a tough negotiator” and that the ‘All-Star’ battle royal will make history by being conquered by Brock Lesnar. Heyman goes through all 10 participants in the battle royal with Orton, Strowman and Mysterio being heavily cheered, Lashley and Corbin booed and Reigns with the loudest reaction. Heyman sends a final promise/spoiler that if anyone stepped in front of Brock Lesnar “They’re all Brock’s bitches.”

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe announced for later tonight.

2 out of 3 falls
Ricochet & The Uso’s vs Bobby Roode & The Revival

WWE really need to stop with the constant 2 out of 3 falls matches. This is especially the case with the first fall occurring in seconds with Ricochet pinning Dawson after a recoil and shooting star combination. Ricochet would get a lot of his moveset into this match hitting a high dropkick before Jey Uso would nearly lose the fall to a Roode spinebuster. The second fall would see the scores tied as Dawson would hit a high flapjack on Jimmy Uso garnering a three count. The third fall would be dominated by the Revival until Ricochet would make the tag hitting the recoil followed by the 450 for the win gaining both him and The Uso’s momentum after their losses at Extreme Rules.

AJ Styles and The Club would appear with Ricochet taking out AJ with a dive and the Uso’s with superkicks. However, with the Revival and Roode involved the numbers game would be too much with AJ hitting the Phenomenal forearm followed by a GalAnderson magic killer.

Viking Raiders vs Vinnie Bruder and Jackson James

This was another enhancement match for the former NXT Tag Team Champions hitting all their major moves including a springboard German suplex/clothesline combo, a massive hesitation dropkick by Erik and the Viking Experience for the win.

Video package of The Undertaker’s performance from last night with Michael Cole claiming “He’s better than ever”. This is followed by another video package where after the events of last week Drew McIntyre challenges Cedric Alexander for attempting to embarrass the ‘Scottish Psychopath’.

Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander

Drew would come out of the gates quickly throwing Cedric into the corner before an enziguri and suicide dive would put the former Cruiserweight Champion in control. Some big spots in the match were a couple huge belly to belly suplexes by the former RAW Tag Team Champion and a massive back elbow by Alexander followed by an impactful dropkick. The finish would see a massive upset as CEDRIC ALEXANDER would victory roll McIntyre for the win.

Balor and Joe cut backstage promos with Balor claiming that he’ll “Go through Joe” whilst the Samoan Submission Machine promised to give Balor another defeat.

Charly Caruso interviews Roman Reigns who wants to end the perfect week by overcoming the final obstacle in front of him.

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe

Commentary builds this match up as a “Turning point” for both guys with the two being very even to begin with. Before the match could really begin though it was over as Joe would roll up Balor into a crucifix to win in around a minute. Post-match Joe would attempt a Coquina Clutch but Balor would reverse hitting a sling blade, hesitation dropkick and Coup De Grace. The lights then start to flicker and Finn’s music stops. YES, this is what a lot of people have been waiting for. BRAY WYATT has returned laying out Finn Balor with a Sister Abigail leading the crowd to chant “Holy S–t”. The Fiend has arrived in a WWE ring.

Drake Maverick and his Wife Renee check in at their hotel with the name ‘Mr and Mrs 24/7 Champion’, R-Truth is then seen behind the desk asking the receptionist for “Hornswoggle”. This is added to by the Street Profits who talk about Angelo’s crush on Nikki’s “Intensity” and pick a winner for the 10 man ‘All-Star’ battle royal.

Mike Kanellis vs Zack Ryder

Prior to the match Maria claims Mike is a “Failure” and that despite being pregnant she’s going to compete. Mike is able to start the match after convincing his wife he won’t lose. Mike Kanellis loses in less than 10 seconds to a Rough Ryder leading Maria to tell Mike “Her unborn child had a better chance of winning”.

The Club vs Lucha House Party

This match seems like a complete contrast in terms of trios with the high flying LHP against the aggressive Club. The match would see Metalik in the ring for most of it hitting a nice springboard dropkick on Anderson but being outplayed by Gallows. The match would have its controversy with Ricochet attacking AJ on the apron leading to backstage staff and referees to take the former US Champion out of the match. The match would continue after the interference with Anderson working over Dorado. This would end after a handspring stunner would get Kalisto involved who would take all 3 members of the Club with a huge handspring enziguri followed by three suicide dives. The finish would see Anderson catch Kalisto with a spinebuster which would be followed up by a boot of doom and calf crusher for the win. Post-match, AJ would keep hold of the submission sending a message to AJ that he will have no mercy on Ricochet.

Sarah Schreiber interviews Seth Rollins over the events of last night and if he’s prepared for tonight, Rollins claims “He’s a man possessed” and that Baron Corbin found out what happens if you take a step too far.

No1 contender’s fatal 4 way Elimination match
Alexa Bliss vs Natalya vs Carmella vs Naomi

Before the match Becky Lynch comes out to check the competition limping out following the beating of the main event of Extreme Rules. The match would start with Bliss waiting outside with Nikki Cross whilst the other three were in the ring. Carmella would hit a handspring headscissors on Naomi before an X-factor on Naomi. Following two superkicks by Carmella Alexa Bliss would roll up Carmella for the first elimination. The second stage of the match would see Naomi and Alexa Bliss in the ring with Naomi nearly winning with a kick to the head before a double clothesline would take both down. A big move of this match would be a blockbuster on the outside by Naomi on Natalya. Natalya would nearly eliminate Naomi with a discus clothesline before having to break a surfboard stretch due to Bliss attempting the pin. The second fall would see Naomi attempt a sunset flip on Natalya who would reverse the pressure and pin Naomi for the elimination leaving Natalya and Alexa Bliss as the last 2. Just before the match would restart Nikki Cross would grab the mic defending her best friend and telling the crowd to shut up. The finish of the match would see Bliss tap out to the sharpshooter giving Natalya a RAW Women’s Title match in Toronto vs Becky Lynch. Post-match Becky and Natalya cut on a promo on each other claiming that “They will go to war”.

MIZ TV with – Dolph Ziggler

Dolph claims to start with the segment that Miz is a “Company yes man” and that he needs “To try and be the best”, Miz would respond claiming atleast he didn’t lose in 17 seconds. Dolph claims Miz “Is everything he hated” and that he only cares “For fortune and fame…just like his wife”. That would lead to Miz attacking Ziggler for the ‘Showoff’ to retreat up the ramp.

Drake Maverick and his wife are about to consummate the marriage before room service arrives. Maverick figures out the waiter is a referee and searches the room for the wrestler. R-Truth appears underneath the trolley and rolls up Maverick for…2. Truth then goes for a crossbody which gets a 3 before running off. Graves claims Truth utilised “The small package” which you can take as you will.

No1 contender’s match
‘All-Star’ 10 man battle royal for the right to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Summerslam

Braun Strowman would be given promo time before the match claiming that “All 9 Superstars will get these hands”. Brock Lesnar would also come out prior to the match sitting on a steel chair to get a closer look at the action. The first elimination of the match would be Cesaro where after a period of dominance swinging Rey Mysterio around and multiple uppercuts he would be gorilla pressed by Lashley. Lashley would be next out being thrown out by Strowman. Big E would get his moment in the match lifting up Strowman for a Big Ending before Zayn eliminated him, Zayn would follow a similar fate being RKO’d into a 619 and eliminated. This would give Corbin the opportunity to eliminate Mysterio. Corbin would be the next to go after teamwork from Strowman, Reigns and Lashley with Rollins getting further revenge for last night. Reigns and Strowman would eliminate each other with assistance from Rollins before the ‘Architect’ was able to overcome Orton and become No1 contender. Post-match Rollins would tell Heyman to shut up and tells Lesnar “He’s a man possessed” and that the same outcome for Wrestlemania will take place at Summerslam.

Overall, RAW moved forward with its 2 major titles having confirmed matches for Summerslam and the redebut of the ‘Fiend’ but overall the show felt choppy and needed more focus in certain areas. This would be the case for Balor vs Samoa Joe and the Women’s fatal 4 way, the 24/7 stuff was a hit as usual but with the Legends returning next week this show fell short of what was expected.