Theatre Review: Scouse Pacific, Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool starring Lindzi Germain, Jake Abraham, Jamie Clarke, Stephen Fletcher & Mickey Starke

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Scouse Pacific

Format: Play
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Fred Lawless
Cast: Lindzi Germain, Jake Abraham, Stephen Fletcher, Jamie Clarke & Michael Starke
Review Date: July 17 2019
Performances: July 15 2019-August 10 2019, 8pm incl. 2pm matinees
Location: Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Age Rating: 14+

Well, Scouse Pacific – what can I say? Well, it was proper daft! Daft in a good sense – funny, entertaining and engaging and just plain silly.

However, don’t imagine it was lacking in talent because it wasn’t. A decent story line, comedic acting and some very accomplished vocals added up to a really great show!

Michael Starke, Jake Abraham and Jamie Clarke are Royal Court regulars, and you feel safe in the knowledge it’s going to be a good night when they are on board.


Washed ashore after their ship was wrecked on an undiscovered desert island, after having been press-ganged coming out of the Lobster Pot, the descendants of Billy Riley live a simple life, longing to return one day to their hometown of Liverpool. They are visited by Sister Mersey (Mickey Starke) and a couple of her fellow nuns who are shipwrecked, and everyone gets on well. What they don’t realise is that Roger Burke (Stephen Fletcher), the descendant of Burke – the ship owner who press-ganged Billy in the first place – is living it up on Hoylake Island just across the lagoon.

We are treated to the history of exactly what happened in a flashback scene, and the very best is made out of a small cast of only eight people. The scenery is bright and creative, and it really works well with some very funny moments. Meanwhile, Burke fancies a piece of Riley Island, so he builds a tunnel across to them and wants to take the land for himself to redevelop. Terry Riley (Jake Abraham) is having none of it, but when his daughter Donna Marie (Jamie Clarke) falls for Burke’s sidekick Richard Head (Stephen Fletcher), trouble ensues.


There’s loads of well-known tunes, many adapted to fit with the Scouse theme, and everyone enjoyed the show. There was lots of booing when references to Wirral were made, particularly when Burke suggests there is going to be a toll for the tunnel between Hoylake Island and Riley Island (recognise the theme!).

Every member of the cast gave their all. Mary Riley (Lindzi Germain) and Michael Starke both combine one-liners with amazing comic timing, and to be honest, it was their singing that really surprised me – not to mention the dancing! From Tom Jones to Cyndi Lauper, we were treated to numbers that had everyone singing along.


This was another super production at the Royal Court, and with the script written by Fred Lawless and with Howard Gray as the director of Music, you should be confident of a good evening! There are some predictable gags, but you find yourself laughing anyway. Slap on Factor 30 and enjoy.


Target Audience: Adults Aged 40+
Content: 4/5 – Strong Language, Moderate Sexual Themes
Recommendation?: Yes
Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

Scouse Pacific runs at the Royal Court Theatre until Saturday August 10. To buy tickets, click here or call 0151 709 4321.