Wrestling Review: WWE Raw Reunion, July 22 2019

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WWE Raw Reunion

Raw Flashbacks

Last week’s RAW was the beginning of the road to Summerslam with two title matches being set with Natalya challenging Becky Lynch in her home country and Seth Rollins overcoming nine other men in a battle royal to attempt to reclaim the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar.

This was a Raw Reunion with 40+ Legends announced including Stone Cold, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan as well as A Moment Of Bliss featuring RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch as guest. Raw takes place from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL.

John Cena Segment

RAW kicks off with a massive return with the former 16x Champion John Cena making his first appearance since January. Cena would thank the fans for finally giving him a good reaction before announcing that even though he’s not there often Cena still feels the exact same as the first night he started. This would lead to the Usos to come out and challenge Cena to a rap battle, John would accept referencing “Their mugshots” before the Uso’s dad Rikishi would be introduced. Rikishi would call Cena back into the ring to do the ‘Too Cool’ dance and be interrupted by the Revival and D-Von Dudley, this would lead to The Usos vs. The Revival.

Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart have a backstage segment with the Hulkster getting hyped for what’s to come on the show.

The Usos vs. The Revival

Before the match is started Booker T is introduced to be on commentary for the match, with the two teams the RAW Tag Champs would be in control over Jimmy Uso using 2 on 1 tactics through distractions with one big moment coming from Dawson throwing Jimmy from the top rope to the barricade. During the match Booker T would praise both teams claiming they have the potential to be the “Next Harlem Heat” with the 5x Champions warning the Revival not to invest in Dudleyville. Jey Uso would be able to garner the tag and take control before an uppercut/German suplex combo would nearly win the match for the Revival. The finish would see a distracted Dawson take a superkick and Uso splash for the win and most likely gain another tag title match for the Usos.

Miz TV with Seth Rollins as well as Seth Rollins vs. United States Champion AJ Styles is announced for later tonight.

A legends segment is shown with Alicia Fox showing her SummerSlam hat to Dana Brooke. This would lead to Kaitlyn, Torrie Wilson and Santino Marella to appear. Santino would bring out the cobra but be intimidated by Drew McIntyre heading for his revenge against Cedric Alexander for last week.

Charly Caruso interviews 24/7 Champion R-Truth and Carmella over the incidents occurring at SDCC with Hurricane and Drake Maverick attempting to win the Championship. Drake Maverick’s wife Renee would appear to tell Truth he should be “ashamed” of his recent actions which would lead to Carmella being distracted giving Maverick the opportunity to become 24/7 Champion again. This would be followed by The Godfather appearing in a similar fashion to the other legends.

Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander

Drew would start this match early attempting to garner quick revenge over Cedric before the bell even rang. The former Cruiserweight Champion would show some resistance with a moonsault off the steel steps but would be out muscled being destroyed with an reverse Alabama slam on the apron leaving Alexander laying.

Maverick is shown backstage trying to leave before seeing the Boogeyman, the scare of seeing The Boogeyman would lead to Pat Patterson pinning the 205 Live General Manager and becoming the new 24/7 Champion.

The Viking Raiders vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

Christian would join the commentary team for this match with Lillian Garcia ring announcing. The War Raiders would dominate the majority of this match with a body slam double team on Ryder showing their dominance. Ibor would do a hip attack on Hawkins before a suicide dive on both members of the former RAW TAG Team Champions. The Viking Experience would garner the victory. Christian would claim that if Hawkins and Ryder “Were Christian-heads” then the result would have been different.

A backstage segment with a group of legends and Mike Kanellis followed. Maria would ask Mike what he’s doing with Eve telling Maria that he’s asking for advice and Eric Bischoff promoting that Smackdown is the place to be. Maria would tell her husband “I’m the breadwinner” before storming off. This would lead to Ron Simmons grabbing Jimmy Hart’s mega phone for his famous catchphrase of “DAMN”.

The Club claim that tonight they will be making an impact regardless of if legends are here or not.

Two new 24/7 Champions are crowded as Gerald Brisco would pin his fellow ‘Stooge’ Pat Patterson only to be pinned by Kelly Kelly becoming the first female 24/7 Champion which is at least something for the record books.

Samoa Joe Promo

Samoa Joe would enter the ring claiming to be speaking of a “travesty” in that these reunion shows are what ruin WWE with a “ridiculous addiction to nostalgia”. The Samoan Submission Machine claimed that the old acts are “embarrassing”, which would lead to The Big Dog confronting Samoa Joe. Reigns would dare Joe to say something about his family again leading to a cheap shot by Joe. The former US Champion would rake the eyes for an advantage throwing Roman into the barricade before a vicious headbutt. Joe would claim “Roman ain’t doing nothing for his family” which would lead to a massive superman punch. Joe would grab the mic asking if the crowd wanted to see the match before claiming the match won’t happen, Roman would call Joe a coward forcing Joe to accepting a match.

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

Roman would start the match on fire landing massive punches on Samoa Joe before running into the ring post giving Samoa Joe the advantage. Joe would take further control of the match with a throw to the outside followed by a suicide dive. The former 2x NXT Champion would attempt a second dive but would be hit by the drive by swinging the momentum of this match like a pendulum. This would be shown with Joe nearly winning after a senton following a reversal of the superman punch. Joe would attempt a Coquina Clutch but Reigns would break out hitting the spear for the win.

A toast to Monday Night RAW involving Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Steve Austin and DX is announced for later tonight.

Miz TV w/ Seth Rollins

Miz would open the interview focusing on Rollins accomplishment last week on RAW and how Seth lost the Universal Championship to begin with. Rollins would claim Lesnar is a “Godzilla-looking b—–d” and that Lesnar is a “Seth Rollins wannabe”. This would lead to a Paul Heyman interruption who rubbishes off the claim before storming down to the ring. Rollins would claim “Heyman to talk for Brock Lesnar has to walk for Brock Lesnar”. Rollins would go on to claim Lesnar “is a man who can lose and that Brock Lesnar at Summerslam will lose”.

Sami Zayn would interrupt a Charly Caruso legends interview calling the Legends “pathetic” and “That they should stay at home”. Rey Mysterio would come up to Zayn claiming he needs to show some respect and through Kurt Angle, (Former GM powers???), a match is agreed for next on the show.

Kelly Kelly would celebrate her 24/7 reign with Candice Michelle, Melina and Naomi. Melina would surprise Kelly with a referee top leading to Candice becoming the new 24/7 Champion. Candice would have a short reign as Alundra Blayze would get the first submission change of the 24/7 Championship.

Rey Mysterio vs. Sami Zayn

Jonathan Coachman would join this match as commentator. Mysterio would look to get a quick victory in this match before Zayn would capitalise on a trapped leg in the turnbuckle, this would lead to a huge sit down powerbomb by Sami Zayn nearly getting the win. Mysterio would change the momentum with a spinning DDT with Zayn just escaping a 619 from the former World Champion. Sami Zayn would look to leave the match but would be stopped by ROB VAN DAM (who is a current Impact talent), Sgt Slaughter, Hurricane and Kurt Angle. This would lead to a 619 and frog splash for a Rey Mysterio win.

Street Profits backstage with Angelo Dawkins claiming he’s been chilling with RVD. Dawkins would get a phone call from the Godfather leaving Montez Ford by himself.

Alundra Blayze would come out to the arena about to put the 24/7 Title in the bin but would be paid off by Ted Dibiase to give the belt to The Million Dollar Man because “everybody has a price for The Million Dollar Man”.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler would be brought into announce for the next match.

AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins

AJ Styles would come out with the ‘OC’ standing for Original Club changing from the prior name of the Club. In a Money in the Bank rematch the two Superstars would start off even hitting chops and forearms on each other with a discus forearm by Rollins giving the former Universal Champion the advantage which would change following the numbers game by the ‘OC’. This would end quickly with the surprise of D-Generation X backing up the ‘Architect’. Rollins would take control again in the match with a massive blockbuster and superkick but before Rollins would hit the stomp Gallows and Anderson would rush the ring causing a DQ. Post-match, The ‘OC’ would attempt to form an alliance with DX but be told to “Suck it”. This would lead to a brawl before Road Dogg, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash would appear threatening ‘OC’ to leave the 7 on 3 beatdown which they would despite their unwillingness.

Ted Dibiase is seen leaving the arena in his limo before he is attacked by … Drake Maverick who becomes 24/7 Champion again. Maverick is then forced to leave the area from running Superstars after the Title.

Mick Foley is in the ring talking about his favourite moment on RAW before the video stops and the lights goes off. Wyatt would use the mandible claw, (Foley’s old move), to incapacitate the hardcore legend before the lights would go off again and a laughter track would play.

A Moment Of Bliss w/ Becky Lynch

Alexa Bliss would start the show by claiming that after the actions of the ‘Fiend’ that this crowd “Needs a Moment of Bliss”. Before Bliss would be able to ask a question Natalya would come out and after some back and forth the two would start to brawl forcing the hosts Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross who were drinking coffee to leave the stage as Champion and challenger would be kept away by referees. Backstage afterwards, Charly Caruso interviews Natalya who claims that the “Women’s Revolution was built off people like me and that Becky is in for an ass kicking”.

Drake Maverick was rolled up as he enters the limo to leave by R-Truth with his Wife Renee Michelle and the 24/7 Championship.

Braun Strowman vs. Randy Rowe

Braun would claim this match would be done quick and would prove it throwing Rowe around the whole ring before hitting Randy for a chokeslam atleast 9 foot in the air for the win.

Monday Night Raw Toast

After the huge group of legends arrive on the stage, the focus of the segment comes out with Flair followed by Hogan who gets huge cheers in his hometown (a line he borrows from Foley). This would lead to the biggest reaction of the night with Stone Cold Steve Austin making his way down to the ring with beers in all four corners. SCSA would thank all his ‘Brothers and Sisters’ but that he’s not a wuss and that all these legends have bled and sweat for the business creating a family with those in the crowd and at home being part of it. Austin would mention that the last 24 hours he’s enjoyed with Hogan and Flair in ways which he never expected including a Ron Simmons joke with the WWE family being the focus before the show would finish with all the Legends drinking beer with Austin to end the show.

Overall, for what Raw was meant to be this week surrounding the reunion and with all of the legends, it could not have been much better with the focus being on the 24/7 division and the last segment. For the current talent the Becky Lynch vs Natalya segment as well as the continuation of the ‘OC’ was a nice step forward. The use of Drew McIntyre this week was also a positive for the show and Rollins cutting one of the best babyface promos he’s done in a long time.