Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, July 29 2019

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RAW Flashbacks

With the latest edition of RAW being focused on the ‘Homecoming’ of legends there was not much for the flashback which had relevancy. That being said, with what was on the show, Seth Rollins would claim on Miz TV that Brock Lesnar is a “Copycat” for his actions at Extreme Rules as well as Roman Reigns defeating Samoa Joe. The 24/7 Championship would also have nine title changes with Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and Kelly Kelly being just a few before R-Truth would regain his precious ‘Baby’.

Multiple segments were announced for this week’s edition of RAW with Seth Rollins squaring off against Dolph Ziggler, ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch vs ‘The Goddess’ Alexa Bliss. A fatal 5 way gauntlet for the number one contendership for the United States Championship was also announced as well as A ‘Samoan Summit’ between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe and a mosh pit mixed tag 24/7 Championship match with the Uso’s vs The ‘O.C.’s’ vs The Revival for the RAW Tag Titles also added to a stacked show. RAW takes place from the Verizon Arena in Arkansas.

24/7 Championship match – Mosh Pit mixed tag
R-Truth (C) & Carmella vs Drake Maverick & Renee Michelle

RAW opens with a video package showcasing the excellence of the 24/7 Championship before transitioning into the entrances for this match. Once the match began the 205 Live General Manager would nearly win with a rollup before being thrown into the moshpit, (crowded Superstars). The match would be over a matter of seconds later with Truth hitting an inverted suplex for the win. Post-match, The moshpit would attack Truth with Mike Kanellis pinning R-Truth for the 24/7 Title.

This would lead to a backstage segment with Maria demanding Mike to let her into a hiding room or Mike will be “Kicked in the vagina”.

US Championship No1 contender’s Gauntlet match
Rey Mysterio vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Andrade vs Ricochet

This match would take up a huge chunk of the first hour of RAW with Mysterio and Cesaro starting. This would start quickly with both former US Champions attempting early covers before the speed of Rey Mysterio would take control with two headscissors on the outside one sending Cesaro into the fans put the 2006 Royal Rumble winner in control. Cesaro would come close to winning catching a springboard Mysterio with an uppercut followed by a big boot. The first fall would see Mysterio hit a top rope bulldog leading to a 619 and frog splash for the win. The next participant would be Sami Zayn who would attack Mysterio before the ‘Master of the 619’ had recovered. Sami Zayn would attempt a Helluva kick but be rolled up and eliminated. The 4th participant of the match would be an old foe of Mysterio in Andrade with business associate Zelina Vega looking pleased at the condition of Mysterio going into the match. The two Hispanic stars would be even to begin with before Andrade would take control with a sliding boot garnering a two count before throwing Mysterio out of the ring. Following Andrade hitting the ‘three amigos’ and standing moonsault for a two would hit a single underhook DDT for the three. Post-match Andrade would attack Rey ripping out the mask and showing Rey’s face for a couple seconds, (For those who didn’t see it in WCW), before Ricochet would appear as the last participant.

Ricochet and Andrade would be even with the high flying Ricochet facing the more grounded approach of Andrade with assistance from Zelina Vega. Andrade would nearly win following a exploder suplex and double knees combo with Ricochet countering with a reverse frankensteiner followed by a 630 for the win. Post-match, Ricochet would be interviewed by Kayla Braxton with the former NXT North American Champion talking about overcoming the odds to win the US Championship at Money in the Bank and he will again at Summerslam.

Backstage, Maria forces her husband Mike Kanellis to be pinned by her so that their unborn child has a Champion. Maria would go on to gloat backstage that noone will attack a pregnant lady.

A special ‘A Moment of Bliss’ is announced for next.

‘A Moment of Bliss’

Alexa Bliss would focus this show on a video she had on Becky Lynch attacking Natalya who was training with Finlay to attempt to prove that the RAW Women’s Champion has “No moral compass”. Becky would respond via titantron that the Champ is going after who she wants and has not forgotten what Alexa had done in the past, (referring to the post draft Smackdown of 2016/17).

RAW Tag Team Championships
The Revival (C) vs The Uso’s vs O.C.

This was a good TV match with the focus at the start of the match being the Uso’s and the Revival making sure the match stays between the two and keeping Gallows and Anderson out. Some big moments of this match would be a huge suplex spot from Jimmy Uso on Dawson to the outside as well as a massive suplex over the top rope by Dash onto Anderson. The finish of the match would see Gallows and Anderson capitalise on the Uso’s hardwork taking out the Revival by hitting on the Magic killer on Jimmy Uso to become NEW RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!

Backstage, AJ and The O.C. celebrate their accomplishments as a team.

Viking Raiders vs Johnny James & Cole Carter

Standard annihilation by the Raiders pinning James with the Viking Experience in just over a minute.

Street Profits are shown backstage talking about the events which took place on RAW so far with Ford trying to stir rumours of Dawkins getting Maria pregnant. Seth Rollins would make an appearance with all three ending the segment shouting “Burn it down”.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

Arguably with the Women’s talent on RAW this is the biggest match available and the two put on a very good match until the sudden finish. Bliss would dominate the majority of the match coming close to winning with an insult to injury and Becky fighting back with a jumping clothesline. The match would finish abruptly with Alexa Bliss injuring her ankle and the match being ended by the referee. Nikki Cross would stand up to Becky Lynch for her friend and challenge Becky to a match which would lead to…

Nikki Cross vs Becky Lynch

Nikki would control the early part of this match with a diving crossbody for two before Becky Lynch would take control with a kick to the back of the head and a Manhandle slam for the three count.

Post-match, just like Jesus Christ Alexa Bliss would recover and attack Becky Lynch with help from Nikki Cross before Natalya would appear running the Goddess and Nikki Cross off. Natalya would trap Becky in a Sharpshooter which could be a sign of what is to come at Summerslam.

Backstage, Natalya would be interviewed backstage by Kayla Braxton claiming that she can’t trust Becky Lynch and would want a submission match but doesn’t see Becky accepting so won’t issue the challenge.

Maria Kanellis is seen having a backstage photoshoot with the 24/7 Championship which is interrupted by a grunting Braun Strowman.

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

Seth was facing Ziggler in this match go teach a lesson to Ziggler following Dolph’s attack on Shawn Michaels last week. Ziggler would come down to the ring in Shawn Michaels style with music and all to taunt Rollins. Rollins would be aggressive at the start throwing Ziggler into the barricade before a huge satellite DDT by Ziggler on the ring apron would swing the match in the ‘Show-off’s’ favour. This momentum switch would nearly see the upset win against the number one contender for the Universal Championship with Rollins kicking out of a zig zag but after countering a sweet chin music with his own superkick and teasing the stomp it would take BROCK LESNAR for Rollins to be out manoeuvred. Lesnar would viciously attack Rollins hitting a overhead suplex on the outside before three F5’s onto a standing steel chair forcing Rollins to go to the hospital.

This would lead to a backstage segment where not only do we see Samoa Joe, Gallows and Anderson beating up Roman Reigns and The Uso’s but Brock Lesnar attack Seth Rollins even further by stopping the ambulance, pulling the gurney out and hitting another F5 on Rollins. Commentary would act appalled by Lesnar’s actions seeing it as “Going too far”.

Samoan Summit

For the final segment of the night Samoa Joe would grab the microphone to claim “The peace talks have died” before demanding Roman come out and receive a further beating. ‘The Big Dog’ having just been attacked and seen his brother put in an ambulance would oblige and brawled with Joe around the ring until Drew McIntyre would come out to help Samoa Joe. This would lead to a mass brawl with Cedric Alexander and the Uso’s coming out for Roman and GalAnderson coming out for Joe. A highlight of the brawl was Alexander jumping off the top of the lower titantron platform onto everyone below, the night would finish with Roman and his allies standing tall after a spear to Samoa Joe.

Overall, RAW was a good show with the Gauntlet and tag title match being very good wrestling matches which furthered tensions as well as the surprise appearance of Brock Lesnar to attack Seth Rollins before Summerslam. The show also ended incredibly hot with Cedric in a much better position than most could have imagined only a month ago with the former Cruiserweight Champion seemingly in line to team with Roman Reigns at Summerslam. For the Women’s division Natalya is becoming more suitable for Becky by the week with the underhanded tactics of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross helping the ‘Queen of Harts’ garner a victory mentally.