Wrestling Review: WWE Raw, August 5 2019

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Raw Flashbacks

For tonight’s go-home show of Summerslam WWE put on quite the spectacle last week with the key focus being around the surprise return of Brock Lesnar who would attack Seth Rollins using a gurney, Ricochet becoming number one contender for the United States Championship and new RAW Tag Team Champions with the ‘OC’ adding the tag titles to AJ Styles US Championship.

Announced before RAW this week was an appearance of Brock Lesnar, Rey Mysterio vs Andrade, Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs Natalya and Trish Stratus as well as a four corners elimination tag match for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. RAW takes place from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Raw kicked off with a ‘We stand with you’ stand after the horrific tragedies of the El Paso and Dayton shootings which occurred over the weekend.

Samoa Joe would interrupt the opening credits to talk about the “Accusations” that he believes have wrongly accused him for what happened to Roman Reigns last week on Smackdown. Michael Cole would claim that, “Over 80% of the WWE Universe believe it was not an accident”, leading to Joe calling the WWE Universe “Idiots”. Samoa Joe would claim that he’s going to shut the show down until he gets an apology before ‘The Man’ would interrupt for her match.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Natalya & Trish Stratus

It’s the battle of Americans vs Canadians with two of the biggest matches of the Summerslam card colliding with Charlotte vs Trish Stratus and Becky vs Natalya in a submission match for the RAW Women’s Championship. Becky and Natalya would start the match with both attempting to outwrestle each other, Natalya locking in an armbar before Becky would attempt a Sharpshooter was one nice manoeuvre. Charlotte would tag herself in dominating over Natalya with a big boot whilst mocking her Summerslam opponent Trish Stratus. The focus of the match was to make sure Trish did not get tagged in with Charlotte and Becky blindsiding each other with tags. This would lead to Charlotte attacking Becky and walking off giving Natalya the opportunity to lock in the sharpshooter, Lynch would reach the ropes but Natalya would not break the hold leading to a DQ. Post-match Trish Stratus would try to break the hold but be pushed away by Natalya.

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade

The purpose for this match taking place is through the actions of Andrade last week ripping off the mask of Rey Mysterio following his win over ‘The Master of the 619’ in the Gauntlet last week. Rey and Andrade would start the match off quickly with Andrade hitting a tilt a whirl backbreaker and Rey countering with a 619 attempt. Mysterio would take control of the match following a sliding sunset flip powerbomb from inside the ring to the barricade before a headscissors off the top rope. Andrade would garner some momentum with a massive back elbow for a two count before hitting a double foot stomp for another. The finish of the match would see both Mysterio and Andrade come close to winning before Andrade would target the mask, the ref would pull Andrade away giving Zelina the opportunity to interfere and give Andrade the victory following the single underhook DDT.

Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander with special guest referee Kurt Angle is announced for later tonight.

Maria is shown at her OB/GYN meeting with husband Mike Kanellis. Maria would ask Mike to finally make her proud and make sure she keeps hold of the 24/7 Title. Mike would hug Maria and by doing so would win the 24/7 Title as the Doctor would be NXT referee Jessika Heiser. Mike’s reign would be short lived as R-Truth would roll up Mike winning the 24/7 Championship again and getting his baby back.

Charly Caruso interviews Becky Lynch over her submission match at Summerslam vs Natalya and if being in Canada will give the challenger an advantage. Becky responded by hoping it would as Natalya has been a “Failure to Canada all her career so why stop now” before claiming that she’s fought for everything in her career through her choices and that Natalya has been too busy on Total Divas and Instagram. Sarah Schreiber would interview Natalya as a response to the Becky Lynch interview. Nattie would claim that “Becky can break my arm and I won’t tap” and that at Summerslam Becky’s career is over.

Brock Lesnar segment

Following last week’s beatdown of challenger Seth Rollins Universal Champion Brock Lesnar with advocate Paul Heyman would focus on, “Educating”, the audience about what Seth Rollins was “Supposed to be” and that Rollins through last week’s beatdown has more balls than brains. This would lead to ‘The Architect’ coming down to the ring with the help of a steel chair, Rollins would enter the ring but be easily dispatched by Lesnar using the steel chair on the ribs before going ribs first into the corner twice and an F5. Rollins after Lesnar left would grab a mic vowing he will compete at Summerslam and that at Summerslam Seth Rollins will beat Brock Lesnar before leaving on his accord. Rollins claimed that the beatdowns he suffers each week as he “Loves” the Universal Championship.

Charly Caruso would interview Kurt Angle before NXT Tag Team Champions the Street Profits would make an appearance. Ford and Dawkins would promote their match at Takeover Toronto vs The Undisputed Era before bringing up the 3 I’s. The Street Profits would start to beatbox Kurt’s theme encouraging Angle to get involved, Drew McIntyre would appear to give a friendly reminder to Angle about what happened when he “humbled” Angle the last time they were in the ring before making sure the match is called down the line.

The Viking Raiders vs. Jay Alexander & Eric Abraham

This is another standard Viking Raiders domination against local talent with the pin coming in around 90 seconds through a Viking Experience.

Tribute to Harley Race is shown who passed away in the past week, a true legend to the wrestling industry who was influential for 4 decades with Ric Flair at Starrcade 1983 being one of the biggest matches in wrestling history.

Cedric Alexander vs. Drew McIntyre w/ special guest referee Kurt Angle

This match has been built up over the last month of WWE television with McIntyre being unable to get Cedric out of his rear mirror having lost to Cedric the night after Extreme Rules and the two brawling in the following weeks. This match wouldn’t even start with Cedric and Drew going at it before the bell with Drew attempting his reverse Alabama slam but Cedric countering into a tornado DDT on the outside. This would lead to the Fiend making an appearance and taking out Kurt Angle with a mandible claw, the second legend following Mick Foley at RAW Reunion to have this happen.

Xavier Woods, Big E & Ricochet vs. The OC

This match was scheduled to be a tag match between the RAW and Smackdown Tag Champions which is a big match for the middle of RAW, the reason why it ended in a matter of seconds as AJ Styles would interfere attacking Woods and Big E before Ricochet made the save. Ricochet and AJ would start the match with the US Champion using a throat shot to get an advantage. The ‘OC’ would take control of the match through targeting Big E and neutralising the muscle of the New Day until a massive belly to belly suplex on AJ. Xavier Woods would take control of the match with a clothesline on AJ but after interference from an untagged AJ and a Magic Killer the ‘OC‘ would be victorious heading into Summerslam.

The IIconics’ Tag Title match is promoted with the Kabuki Warriors, Fire and Desire and Bliss & Cross as the challengers.

Samoa Joe tells a backstage producer that with Roman Reigns arriving to RAW the show is on “Shutdown”.

Samoa Joe promo

Joe would walk to the ring and demand an apology from Roman Reigns or he’ll hold up the whole show. Samoa Joe would call Roman a “Coward” before going to the parking lot after receiving news that Roman Reigns is backstage. Camera cuts backstage to Samoa Joe in the parking lot with Reigns about to get out of his car, as Reigns gets out another car comes into the side of Roman’s car leaving Samoa Joe stunned and helping his ‘Uce’ out shouting for a medic. This would also seem to rule out Samoa Joe on who is attacking Roman Reigns.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
The IIconics (C) vs. The Kabuki Warriors vs. Fire & Desire vs. Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

After weeks of trying to run away from title defences the Iiconics must put the titles on the line against the Kabuki Warriors, Fire and Desire and the in form Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Billie Kay and Mandy Rose would start the match with the Champs in compete control taking out all 6 challengers with a wheelbarrow suplex on Bliss and big knee on Asuka as highlights. However, the first elimination would actually be the Iiconics guaranteeing new tag Champions following a bicycle knee strike from Mandy Rose to Billie Kay.

Following that elimination Alexa Bliss and Mandy Rose would tag each other in vs Asuka to try to gain an advantage to their team. This would lead to Sonya Deville going against Asuka with the two showing some stiff strikes before a really nice double team move by Asuka and Kairi Sane. After some comedic interaction between Kairi and Alexa, Fire and Desire would take control nearly pinning Asuka with another bicycle knee before Asuka would apply the Asuka lock forcing Mandy Rose to tap leaving us with two teams.

Asuka would take control over Nikki Cross with a kneebar before changing into a modified STF. After Bliss and Cross would take control it would take a German suplex to get Kairi Sane involved. Kairi would hit 3 blockbusters on Alexa and a diving elbow into the corner before an attempted Asuka lock on the former RAW Women’s Champion was countered. Just as Kairi was about to win with the InSane elbow Nikki Cross would interfere taking out Asuka before Alexa would be able to hit the twisted Bliss on Kairi Sane for the win. NEW WOMEN’S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS ALEXA BLISS & NIKKI CROSS!!!

Miz TV w/ Dolph Ziggler

This segment was to do with a contract signing for Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam. Miz to make sure Ziggler would sign the contract brought down HBK himself Shawn Michaels, a man who was superkicked by Ziggler 2 weeks ago. Dolph would claim that both Miz and Michaels are “Ass kissers” and that when he wins at Summerslam he will get the adulation of being a living legend. Dolph would sign the contract with Miz telling Ziggler that he can’t wait to face him on “Monday Night RAW”. A puzzled Ziggler would be told he didn’t read the fine print of the contract and that his opponent at Summerslam isn’t the Miz but GOLDBERG. Ziggler would ask Goldberg to get into the ring before running off allowing Goldberg with the crowd chanting his name to sign the contract and tell Dolph Ziggler “You’re next” before a Sweet Chin Music would leave Dolph laying to finish the go home show.

Overall, RAW was a solid go home show, Mysterio vs Andrade and the Women’s Tag Titles match were good matches and the appearance of Goldberg as well as the Fiend attacking Kurt Angle were quite the sight. The only issue with this show is that it felt it needed another week of build for Summerslam but that is a minor complaint to a good episode of RAW.