DVD Review: WWE 24 – The Best Of 2019

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WWE 24

Running Time: 363 Minutes
Certificate: 12
Number Of Discs: 2
Studio: Fremantle Home Entertainment
Released: December 9 2019

(Thanks to Fetch Publicity for arranging this review.)

This WWE 24 DVD release is a sequel of sorts to last year’s two-disc retrospective on four WWE 24 docs from the WWE Network. I wasn’t a fan of these Network-only features coming to DVD as a set on the grounds that it smacked of laziness, and I feel the same about this year’s offering, though there is some engaging content to be found.

The first of our four-pack covers WrestleMania 34, with behind-the-scenes footage covering Daniel Bryan’s return to the ring, Roman Reigns’ latest milestone and other events pertaining to what was the biggest show of 2018. The highlight is very brief, but it is the moment where Brock Lesnar tosses his Universal Championship at Vince McMahon, which may or may not have been a staged occurrence, and the truth may never be known. The second chapter is on Ronda Rousey and her year and a bit in WWE, which may be timely to watch back considering that we’re approaching Mania season again, and it could potentially coincide with Rousey returning from her extended absence from WWE.

Part three would have seemed incredibly random this time last year, but is very appropriate considering the year that its subject has enjoyed: it covers Kofi Kingston and his amazing 2019, which began with him as just another member of the roster in the grand scheme of things, only for luck and his performances to catapult him to a WWE Title win at WrestleMania 35; this is important viewing for any wrestler who feels that they can never achieve their dreams, because this is proof that anything is possible in WWE (circumstances allowing, of course). The final portion covers Becky Lynch, whose rise to super-stardom is only slightly less miraculous than Kofi’s, considering that she was always subject to a big push in summer 2018, but with even Becky surely not truly believing it would lead her to triumph in the first women’s match to main event a Mania.

The extras are decent enough, with Bryan and Shane McMahon facing Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at WM 34; Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series 2018; Kofi vs. Bryan at Mania 35; and Becky vs. Ronda vs. Charlotte from the same event. All have their moments, and they help to support the topics of the 24 docs nicely.

This is definitely entertaining stuff, but it still feels quite unnecessary, and it isn’t a budget release either, which could make this a more justifiable DVD. As it is, then, you should enjoy watching WWE 24 – The Best Of 2019, but other than it being the final non-PPV release planned by the company (for now, anyway), there is no other major reason to purchase this.

Overall Rating: 6/10 – Reasonable