Music Review: Childcare, Sound, Liverpool

Image Source: Wonderland Magazine


Format: Gig
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Performers: Ed Cares, Emma Topolski, Rich Le Gate & Glyn Daniels
Review Date: December 10 2019
Performance: December 10 2019
Location: Sound, Liverpool
Duration: 150 Minutes
Age Rating: 15+

On Tuesday December 10, I had the chance to watch Childcare perform live. This was the first time I had seen the band, and I hope it wasn’t the last!


Childcare are a young, up-and-coming, alternative/indie band from West London. They were performing all of their hits at Sound, an intimate venue in Liverpool, as part of their UK tour. The band members include Ed Cares (frontman), Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Le Gate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums).

However, Childcare were not the only band performing at Sound. Before they came on, there were two other very entertaining support acts, both with a similar indie pop sound to Childcare, and both bands were fun, energetic, and extremely talented. They really knew how to work a crowd! Everyone was dancing, or at least nodding their heads or tapping their feet. It was impossible not to! Childcare were even mingling in the audience watching both support acts, essentially supporting the support acts! It felt as though the band were part of the audience rather than an untouchable presence only to be witnessed on stage, which to me was very refreshing.

Although the venue was rather small, it was full to the brim with fans. I could really feel the anticipation and excitement bouncing around the room. There was quite a long wait in between all of the acts, giving the audience time to grab a drink or chat with friends, or even with the bands themselves! The wait was certainly worth it when Childcare took to the stage.

The audience whooped and cheered as the members jumped from the crowd and onto the stage. They wasted no time and began right away with a song that got everyone dancing, a great start to the show. Not one person was stood still. People were cheering, clapping and filming on their phones. There was a real sense of togetherness.

The band themselves played very well, as if they’d been performing for thirty years rather than only three. Anyone could see they were well-rehearsed and professional. Yet, even though they played so perfectly, you could still see that they were enjoying themselves. They were dancing and jumping around the stage, as the audience did the same. There was such a powerful and buzzing atmosphere.

Frontman Ed Cares would occasionally chat to the audience from the stage, introducing the next song and the backstory to it, and showing their personality. He spoke in a tone that can only be described as cool. He spoke in a way that didn’t come off as pretentious or nervous. I thought the band in general came across as very genuine and down-to-earth. They were truly a pleasure to watch.


All of the songs had a classic indie feel to them, as I’d expected from knowing a few of their songs already, with this being a very mainstream, popular genre right now. I was apprehensive that they might be just another indie band like all the others we hear on the radio. However, their particular voice, although still indie, has elements of other genres too, such as soul and funk, which shows how the band can master more than one style of music and create a unique sound.

Personally, my favourite song that they performed was Sugarcane, one of their more popular songs from their album Wabi-Sabi which was released this year. Sugarcane is a fan favourite and for good reason. The harmonies throughout, by Ed Cares and Emma Topolski, were stunning and so well-delivered that they gave me goosebumps. They harmonised beautifully on many songs throughout the concert and each one sounded as great as the last.

For a few songs, Topolski and Cares would even swap roles, meaning that Cares was on bass and Topolski would sing. This gave the show extra flair by having two very talented lead singers. They definitely kept the crowd entertained.


I’m sure there will be many opportunities to see Childcare perform as they build their careers in the music industry, and it’s a band I would definitely keep an eye out for.

Target Audience: 15+
Content: 2/5 – Some Strong Language
Recommendation: Yes
Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

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