WWE NXT UK Review, January 30 2020 feat. Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster & Dave Mastiff vs. Imperium

Image Source: ATG


NXTUK Review

This is the first NXTUK review since ‘Worlds Collide’ which saw NXTUK star Jordan Devlin capture the Cruiserweight Championship in a fatal four way as well as Imperium in the main event of the show defeat The Undisputed Era.

Announced matches for the show are The Hunt vs One-Two as well as Imperium (Wolfe, Aichner and Barthel) vs Flash Morgan Webster, Mandrews and a mystery partner.

The Hunt vs One-Two

Burch and Hutchman start the match with Wild Boar taking an early control with a tackle in the corner and senton to a kneeling Burch. Momentum swung with Burch catching a diving Primate allowing for multiple team moves with Lorcan. This match showcased a lot of ‘Strong Style’ with all four delivering stiff strikes and knees to each other with the crowd getting behind the English duo. Four minutes in Primate would take control with exploding suplexes to both Lorcan and Burch before getting a 2 count off of a running lariat. Lorcan and Burch came close to winning with a back suplex/Powerbomb combination but only get a two count before Lorcan and Burch connected with the elevated DDT after 7 minutes to get a victory for the returning One-Two. 

Interview with Toni Storm over her loss at Worlds Collide where the former NXTUK Women’s Champion claims Kay lee Ray is still in her head and that it must end. 

Eddie Dennis Segment

Dennis makes his first appearance in front of a live crowd following his victory at Takeover Blackpool over Trent Seven to the crowd chanting “You Suck”. Dennis replays the elevated crucifix throw over the top rope to Trent Seven but before going any further is interrupted by Trent Seven who claims Dennis is “Boring” and a “Cheat” claiming that is why Dennis won. Seven challenges Dennis to a street fight with exposed steel corners. Dennis attempts a cheap shot but is forced out of the ring. 

A-Kid and Tyler Bate have an interview at the Performance Centre with Kid wanting to be like Bate at Takeover, Tyler challenges A-Kid for next week. 

Ridge Holland vs Tyson TR-Bone is announced for later in the show. 

Aoife Valkyrie vignette is shown with the Women’s competitor debuting in two weeks.

Nina Samuels vs Isla Dawn

In a match that seems to be the midcard of the NXTUK Women’s division we have Dawn vs Samuels where a win could get them near a number one contenders match. Dawn controls early on with a couple arm drags and schoolgirl before Samuels connects with a facewash. The Yorkshire crowd was behind the Scottish star who after missing a kick in the corner would take a handspring double kick to the outside and be dominated further by Samuels. This nearly gave Samuels the win with a  handspring leg drop before failing with double knees in the corner gave Dawn momentum. This momentum led to the finish with Isla Dawn connecting with a top rope meteora before a half and half bridging suplex for the win.

Dragunov interview over facing Finn Balor claims he got one of the toughest matches he ever had and if you look at Finn Balor’s nose, he did not miss in attacking the Prinxe.

One-Two interview challenge Gallus for a non-title match.

Tyson T-Bone vs Ridge Holland

Commentary hypes up T-Bone needing a win to gain momentum before facing the undefeated Holland. The Yorkshireman pushes T-bone to the ropes before both deliver heavy hands and forearms to each other before Ridge takes control with uppercuts and big knees. Tyson showed some resilience with a powerbomb attempt which would be reversed into an Alabama slam and ‘Northern Grit’ for the Holland win. 

Eddie Dennis vs Trent Seven announced for next week.

Mandrews, FMW and Dave Mastiff vs Imperium 

It’s Main event time with 6-man tag action with the mystery partner being the ‘Bomber’ Dave Mastiff. 

Mark Andrews and Barthel start with the German in control attaching himself to the right atm of Andrews and controlling the former NXTUK Tag team Champion on the mat. Andrews and FMW created some gap from Imperium with Flash delivering multiple dropkicks and a senton to Wolfe before tagging in Mastiff. The speed of Mandrews grounded both Aichner and Barthel with a arm drag and double stomp respectively, this continued with Mastiff delivering a one armed vertical suplex to Barthel. The match remained even with Webster in control taking out all three opponents until Wolfe delivered a vicious German suplex. This led to an extended period of Imperium control with a spinebuster/PK combination getting a two count. After a handful of minutes Mastiff was tagged in clearing house delivering a rolling senton and second senton to Aichner for a two. Webster and Mandrews would both dive to the outside before Mastiff delivered a cannonball to all three members of Imperium. Mastiff taunted WALTER bringing the NXTUK Champion out to distract Mastiff long enough for Aichner to connect with a brainbuster on Mandrews for the win. 

Overall, this was a solid show of WWE NXT UK with good progression for both WALTER and Toni Storm as well as continuation from TakeOver: Blackpool.