Showaddywaddy Review – St. Helens Theatre Royal, St. Helens

Image Source: York Barbican


Showaddywaddy first formed back in 1973, and since then they have ensured a unique place within the history of British rock ‘n’ roll music. Though the personnel of the group has changed down the years, there’s no question that current members Romeo Challenger, Rob Hewins, Dean Loach, Andy Pelos, Ray Hatfield and Billy Norman are more than capable of providing the full Showaddywaddy experience, as we discovered last night at St. Helens Theatre Royal.

The band came on stage to a packed audience who were clapping and cheering right from the start. They wore very colourful teddy boy-style jackets, which brought back fond memories of the band’s heyday.

Andy Pelos was excellent as the lead singer with great stage presence and lots of energy. He also had plenty of banter with the audience to keep things interesting between songs. The choreography was also very energetic.

These were amongst the elements to ensure a very entertaining show throughout, which covered all of the expected greatest hits from the Showaddywaddy back catalogue. These included the likes of Under The Moon Of Love, When and I Wonder Why? amongst others.

As noted, the audience were lively throughout the show, and the crowd joined in the singing along with hand movements as directed by Andy, and later the attendees were dancing in the aisles and/or in their seats as well.


Showaddywaddy were fantastic, and if you didn’t like rock ‘n’ roll music before the show, you certainly would when the band took their final bow after a couple of encores. The group thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did we, and their music was infectious.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding