Gladys The Story Review – Parr Hall, Warrington

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Gladys The Story

Gladys The Story brought to life the music of Gladys Knight, accompanied by a live 7-piece band, for all to enjoy at Warrington’s Parr Hall.

Taking on the role of Gladys herself was Chantel Cole, and she was superb. What a voice! With many years of experience as a vocalist and on major tours across the globe, Cole was an ideal performer to step into the shoes of Knight, and she did so to a very high standard here.

Chantel was supported by three backing singers, two females and one male, who later dueted with Gladys as Vince Hill. The band as a whole boasted some fine voices as well, along with a range of other musical talents as they covered the guitars, drums and keyboard with aplomb.

We heard all of the great soul, motown and disco songs that one would expect, with such hits as I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Take Me In Your Arms and Love Me. In particular, she sang The Way We Were with real emotion, plus we got a bit of Bond thrown in as she sang Licence To Kill.

The show captured the era beautifully by also telling us Gladys’ story, commencing with her early career covering northern soul, Talma Motown and through to disco. She was a Grammy Award winner, and she also apparently had a gambling addiction, spending $80,000 in one session, at which point she realised she had a problem and got treatment.

Indeed, Knight didn’t have an easy life with three divorces, but she was still able to create an incredible, iconic career for herself, as this show demonstrated. Chantel Cole was well worth the standing ovation at the end of her performance.

Summing this up, Gladys The Story was fantastic, and is well worth checking out.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

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