Believe – The Cher Songbook Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

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Believe – The Cher Songbook

Format: Music Show
Genre: Rock & Pop
Review Date: March 5 2020
Performance: March 5 2020
Location: Empire Theatre, Liverpool
Duration: 150 Minutes incl. Interval
Age Rating: 8+

Waking up this morning with a rather hoarse voice from singing and achy knees from dancing, the signs were all there to indicate a good night out after experienced Believe – The Cher Songbook at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre!


The Empire wasn’t packed to the rafters, but the audience more than made up for the lack of numbers by joining in with the songs, and a lot were on their feet from the beginning of the show.

Also, it may have been because it was a mid-week show or because we were positively encouraged to record the show and post pictures and comments on the show’s social media channels, but there was a relaxed attitude to people having a little dance in the aisles or recording their favourite number, which was refreshing.

Now onto the show, Charlotte-Elizabeth Talbot took us on a trip through Cher’s long, distinguished and well-documented career. From the days of The Sonny & Cher Show (I Got You Babe; The Beat Goes On) to the beginning of her solo career (Gypsies, Tramp and Thieves; Half Breed), through to establishing herself as a major recording star (Walking Through Memphis), her comeback (Believe), and right up to her latest ABBA compilation album (Fernando; Dancing Queen) – it all made for a really enjoyable journey.


The costume changes were undertaken at unbelievable speed, and were in keeping with the iconic outfits we recognise that accompany Cher’s major hits. Sequins (Believe), leather and lace (Dead Ringer For Love; If I Could Turn Back Time), and classic high-waisted pants and blonde wig (the ABBA montage); the songs and costume changes kept coming.

Sound and lighting were good; personally, I would have had Cher’s vocals at a slightly higher level, but the band were so good that you overlooked it, and to be honest, the audience were singing loudly anyway!

My only slight criticism was this: Charlotte-Elizabeth clearly has a wonderful voice with a great range, but throughout the performance, she would transform from her accomplished Cher-style impersonation to her own distinctive singing voice, and I found it a little distracting when she slipped out of character. The way she interacted with the audience between songs was lovely, though, and her engaging personality was evident.

There were other well-known numbers throughout the show, as well as Cher classics that the audience appreciated, and this feel-good show really delivered on content. I must mention the very talented supporting musicians accompanying Cher: Emily Westwood on sax, flute and vocals, and the three guitarists were amazing. The drummer Paul Gill kept the vibe going, and the keyboards and the additional vocalists were brilliant. The discerning Liverpool crowd recognised their outstanding performance with an ovation. Charlotte-Elizabeth encouraged the audience to meet her in the foyer for a picture after the show, which was a nice touch, and you had the feeling that everyone had enjoyed themselves and left humming or singing their favourite Cher song.


Believe – The Cher Songbook is a very respectful tribute to the musical legend, and from somebody who went to see the real deal a few months ago, it comes highly recommended.


Target Audience: Adults Aged 30+
Content: No Content Likely To Offend
Recommendation?: Yes
Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

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